Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm STILL full (and some knitting got done)

I'm surprised at how full I felt Thanksgiving day. I tried to take it easy and really thought I had done pretty decent. Maybe I ate just a tad more than I thought I did . We even took a nice brisk evening walk around my In-laws neighborhood to burn some calories. It was chilly but it felt SO good! Besides that, we had a nice visit with family and I sure hope everyone else had a nice holiday. I remember family get-togethers at my Grandparents house every year when I was growing up. Those memories still give me warm fuzzies. My children haven't had that as much, (we had to relocate when they were small) but now that my in-laws live closer we at least have them now! For awhile we were pretty much alone here in TN. We're grateful they were able to move closer.

Here's some knitting that I finished, first the SweetTart Socks. I think I like the colors more in the skein form than I like knit up.

Here's one of the mistakes I made. It's on one of the heel gusset corners. I don't know how I left such slack in the yarn there, I'm usually so careful to tighten them up so I don't get any holes. (I didn't catch this until later in the sock also). I did what some other knitters would probably faint at: I just tied a knot!! hahahaha Really, this was probably mistake #7 by then, it was the second sock, it was just going to have to do because I was "SO over" making this pair by then. LOL! It's kind of funny to me now. I swear I've never done this before!

Here's one lonely sock I found in my stash drawer. I think I made this a few years ago, (I know it was one of my first socks) but the yarn was so scratchy that I never made it's mate. This is Opal and I think I have a couple more skeins of this (ugh). I may have to work the other one up eventually, this will bug me since I finally found it. I washed it and it feels a bit better, but still somewhat sratchy to me. I "think" I had to stop because as I knit I wrap the working yarn around my index finger for tension, and if it starts getting "red, raw, and irritated" where it passes over my finger, I know that it isn't going to work out so well! I seem to recall that with this, but I'll try it one more time I suppose.
Here's the bamboo scarf-lette I made. Two skeins doesn't make a very big scarf and although it's squishy soft, I wasn't all that thrilled with it in this form. Bernat has a rep of being full of knots and this yarn was no exception. I already know that I won't be purchasing any more of it. hmmmm, I might frog this and make a hat....
I've been working with some sock yarn that I purchased at a LYS in CA. It's dyed by someone local there but I'm not having much luck with my guage and not loving the fabric it produces (though it says it's wool and feels normal, it knits up with no stretch). Maybe it would be better in a chevron scarf type product than socks after all. The first sock I made seemed perfect, except I couldn't get my foot into it! Even my daughters gave up! LOL! I've never had that happen before and it's driving me crazy. I have so many other wonderful yarns to work with, I have to learn how to just let things go and move on. It's my Leo personality, I just get bossy and think I know it all.
Thanks again for leaving comments! It's really appreciated as I love hearing from you all and checking out your blogs too! I've always been a "lurker" myself, but now know how fun it is to hear from others out there! It's changed my perspective and I love meeting new knitters.


knittinwolf said...

Love the sweettart socks! Glad to know about the Bernat! I had a skein of Noro not to long ago that was full of knots and if you pulled too tight it ripped! I've never had Noro do that to me...weird. Glad to hear you had a nice holiday...I'm still stuffed!

Nat Red Knits said...

I love the colorway of your Seetheart socks! How do they feel on your foot? (I wonder if that is one of the colors I bought-looks familar)
I had some opal too that I did not care for, $20 for a skein and I hated them. I won't buy that yarn again.

Dawn said...

Dawn, I've never had that happen with Noro either! That's a bummer! My Dream in Color Classy had more knots than I expected too. Since it was hand seperated for a kit I was bummed! I would've felt guilty giving a customer such a small amount with all those knots! :o/

Jeanne, I enjoy my Tofutsies, they're really comfortable. They do seem a bit small at first but they still fit! I guess it's the yarn itself. I just knit the same ol' c/o etc that I do for other yarns. :)

Total Ick on the Opal! Glad I'm not alone there!! LOL! I think I bought it when my LYS was closing and she had everything marked down, (I bought 3) but still, too expensive to feel so scratchy! :P

Anna said...

Glad to see someone got some knitting done over the holiday! Those socks are so pretty!