Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Sweater DONE!!

I know, I know, I can't believe it either!!! But I DID IT!! whoo hoo!!

Now that it's done I think I'll wait a bit before I start the other kit I purchased. I'm sure I'll love it too, it's in the original colorway which is really cute, (but a little break with some sock knitting is in order.)

I wasn't sure about the i-cord attached edging around the back of the neckline, I went into every stitch and wondered later about going every 3 for 4 etc. It still came out fine and I'm VERY happy with this little treasure! I also am glad I switched out the one colorway that I didn't like for the green, it just makes me happy happy.

Yesterday I washed it (in the washing machine) and layed it out to dry. Today it's even SOFTER and smooshier. I love (LOVE) this yarn! I may re-think making an "adult" size sweater out of it after seeing how it held up. For me that's a HUGE deal, I'm definitely an "easy-care" kind of gal. I don't do dry cleaning often (like almost never) so it's a must that any yarn I use will be the washable kind. Even the cost of this wouldn't deter me if this is the quality I get afterwards. (And if I could just lose some weight I could use even less yarn!)

I also finished up some Berroco Pleasure sock booties for my Mom. She has a fuschia pair and wanted another. I didn't remember that I had extra of this blue, it's so pretty I know she'll love them. These little suckers can be VERY warm, but she still enjoys wearing them around the house.

Yesterday was a fun day (sarcasm implied here). I got my flu shot (ouch), got blood drawn, got smooshed at the Breast Center, and after all that jolly good fun I got to drive home on the interstate in the rain!! Whew!
What a long day! I was at the BC for-ev-er. I'm so glad I brought my knitting with me! I was the only one not complaining about how long it was taking because I had something to keep me occupied. I bet those other women were thinking "I should really learn how to knit!". Everything went good though, my mammogram was fine, my cholesterol is down and I got home safely in all that mess even in 5 0'clock traffic. I was very blessed.
I'm off to work on my SweetTart socks. This colorway of Tofutsies that I'm making reminds me of that candy package so that's what I call them. I've been reading up and thinking of working some socks from the Toe Up, but got to thinking that working them cuff down truly "relaxes" me. It's my "happy to-go-to kind of knitting" I'll still try them one day I know, (another excuse to buy MORE sock yarn) but I am supposed to be enjoying what I'm doing. (Some of the toe up patterns are too much to think about !!) Sometimes I have to remember what really makes me a happy knitter. I think it's the whole being "tired" a lot lately thing too....LOL!! My brain is drained.


Julie said...

Hey you, I bet you are surprised that I am actually here leaving a message. I forgot you have your blog here. Anyways, just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how Beautiful that sweater is. I am so jealous. I wish I could knit like that. Well, I better get busy. I have to work right now so I will talk to ya ya, YBF

knittinwolf said...

Beautiful sweater! Thanks for posting about the ebay stores...I went right to it and oh boy...:)

Dawn said...

Julie!!! You finally came by!! I'm so happy to see you!! You crochet WAY better than I can ever knit!!!! I wish you had time to make more things! You're wayyyy talented lady!! (((((Hugs!)))))

Dawn said...

Heehee, I'm so sorry Knittinwolf! I get sucked into buying yarn the same way and I'm always an enabler when it comes to spreading the joy!

These ARE great sellers though, they ship FAST and are really fair with their prices and shipping fees. I've always been happy with what I get from them! Happy Yarn shopping!! :)

Nat Red Knits said...

Dawn that sweater turned out wonderful! I love it!! Makes me almost wish I had a baby to knit for...almost.
Emtnestr is one of my favorite EBays stores, I am verrrrrrrrry baaaaaaaaad there....LOL

I am glad to hear that your tests all turned out well.

Anna said...

The sweater looks great! Congrats on your first sweater!

Dawn said...

Thank U Anna!! :)