Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm too tired to knit today

Better Knitters than I have finished this sweater over a weekend, but that's not exactly the case for me. It's an easy (and fun) knit (except I'm not a big fan of having to follow one thing and also remember to "work something else at the same time"). I've had to frog the sleeve back a few times because I'm thinking about the color change every 8 rows so I've skipped a decrease every 6 rows once in awhile!

I know this is why I don't make myself sweaters, I guess I'm too....too...hmmmm, I'm just not sure. I think I just kind of lose the "enthusiasm" or momentum for a project sometimes. I've definitely discovered that I'm probably more of a "process" knitter than a "project" knitter. I'm not always totally committed (the fun wears off) so that's why a big sweater project scares me away. I'd hate the waste the money because I can say honestly that I most likely would never finish it.

Needless to say, I'm still not done with this baby, but I'm getting there! I have the border on the one sleeve to finish, the whole other sleeve to knit, then the collar - and it's finito! Whoohoo! I can finally say I finished a "sweater". Put me in the club!!

I've gotten sidetracked with more socks as usual. I just love socks. All the new yarn I bought is on hold as I found the skein of Tofutsies that I've been wanting to work up so it jumped ahead for now (it was buried at the bottom of my big knitting bag getting no luv .) I'm also working on some more sock booties for my Mom out of Berroco Pleasure. She loves them even tho they feel like little heaters on your feet!

I'm really tired today, I ran errands, got some laundry done and then just fizzled out later this evening. I hate it when I WANT to knit, but know I'm just too Tired to knit! It's such a bummer! I wish I could do it in my sleep! The Fibro Board on Ravelry has a lot of people's stories that relate to mine. It's nice to know you aren't alone in feeling so crappy!! Here's to a good nights rest (I hope!)


Anna said...

I've been too tired to knit lately, too, mostly due to work-related stress in preparation for an upcoming vacation, but I think the changing seasons makes me tired as well.

That sweater is very pretty. Don't feel bad about not making sweaters for yourself...I've been knitting for four years and have finished only two tops for my daughter and keep frogging and casting on for sweaters for me. I get bored really easy and directions that tell me to knit in stockinette for 13 inches make my eyes droop!

monica said...

Your sweater is looking nice and I love the colors in that one.

It must be the weather (or the boring baby blanket I am making) because I have been too tired to knit too.

Karen said...

Your sweater is very pretty. You know you want to make another one... in adult size...right?

Nat Red Knits said...

I love that little sweater Dawn! It's adorable.
The thing with adult sized sweaters is, just that, they are adult sized.
Little sweaters give us gratification in so many ways, besides the instant gratification, we get to give them away, then we get the charitable feeling along with the feeling of pride when someone admires it. It is great, all these feelings isn't it!?!

Dawn said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only feeling like I'm dragging lately! LOL! Thanks everybody for the feedback! I love this little sweater so much! I wish i could shrink and wear it for a bit! ;O)