Friday, November 2, 2007

Is it wrong to love your mailman?

Because mine brings great happiness, joy beyond bounds, and many giddy smiles. He feeds my addiction by bringing me precious things I've ordered. Look at this:

Wow! Just beautiful! It's the Dream in Color (Classy) I ordered from Knitters Palette. Isn't it purty?? I need some of it to finish the first Tulip Baby Sweater I started. This is one of ThreadBear's own kits (TB102 I think, I get so excited I forget anything else on labels). I wasn't happy with the color transition between the last two colorways, in the picture on the website it looked more "greenish" after the browny color above it, the next color they sent me blends in too much IMO. I just want more contrast. I can actually see more of a slight contrast here with the camera flash than I can in real life. (I know it's hard to see the difference as good since I only did a "few" rows of the next colorway before I realized I wanted to redo it in something else (the sts on the needle are different than the rows above it.)

I also got these in the mail from Interweave Knits. (I'm sure everyone got the email about old issues being sold out soon). I ordered a couple they had available that I think I don't have. Honestly, I didn't even look, I just went on total instinct because I can't get enough of knit mags and that's the truth! (If I happen to have them already I'll pass them on to another knitter - No harm done.)
Off to eat some dinner. Happy Knitting.

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