Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (& some knitting stuff!)

Here's one of my SweetTart Socks. This is Tofutsies ( in #718 I think). Seriously, I've never made SO MANY mistakes on a pair of socks ! I feel like this could be my first pair ever! Ugh, How Embarrassing! The mistakes haven't been enough to make me frog back (lazy), I'm just going with the "mo-jo" and they're going to be for me anyway. It's just been "weird"....I've made so many pairs these last few months, I guess I was due for some craziness.

I picked up some Bernat Bamboo and am working up a simple scarf. Gosh is this soft! I got an email from Mary Maxim today and they're having a sale on all of Bernat's Natural yarns...I may think of getting some more if this holds up okay.

I also got my new Knitpicks catalog and did really good (pat on the back ). I only ordered ONE downloadable sock pattern. I got the "Girls Best Friend Anklets" pattern. I love it. Can't wait to work it up (once this sock curse is over!! ). I didn't order any of their yarn, I'm almost certain I have some in my closet somewhere.

The thing is, I can't SEE in my closet. We thought the fluorescent lights burnt out, but it's still dead after getting new ones. So we have to check the wiring, or we may just change the whole fixture out. I totally believe my house was built out of cardboard, toothpaste, and any other cheap stuff our builder could get a hold of. Our downstairs heater is kaput (yet again). Every season, winter or summer, one or the other needs fixing (ac/heater). It's getting to be a real drag and if we weren't thinking of moving in a few years I'd change it all out. Anyway, the house story is a long and frustrating one. Let's just say that different states have different standards and we didn't find that out until after we had our home built here in TN. NOW we know! Sometimes you just find things out the hard way!

I started a Sitcom Chic sweater, but I'm still wondering if I should make the large or extra large size (or maybe the medium???). I like my sweaters or jackets with some room to move around but I'm not sure about the ease with this particular yarn, it may turn out bigger than I thought. I also had to order more of the Lion Brand Cotton Ease thru Joann's and they haven't confirmed my order yet so I don't even know if I'll get the rest of the yarn to finish it. We shall see. I picked the "Stone" colorway, now I'm not sure why?! It was the only one there at Joann's that looked the most "neutral" to me but now it seems kind of boring. I guess I'm just having some crazy "my life is not in line with the universe" moments lately. Nothings been going so great! LOL! Hmmmm

I'm off to get my youngest from school now. If I don't post before then,

Happy Thanksgiving

to all my knitting friends. Wishing you a happy and joyful time with your families.


monica said...

I sometimes leave the errors too when the socks are for me. No one needs to be that close to my feet to be checking out my socks anyway.
I have been thinking about making the Sitcom Chic for my niece. I think she would like it. Look forward to seeing yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

knittinwolf said...

Aren't errors in knitting just creativity in the making!:) I guess were two Dawns with Deeres! My husband couldn't believe I put it on my blog! He thought the blog was just for knitting...I'll be cleaning and cooking today and tomorrow. My best friends (the one that passed away) husband and kids are coming from AZ today. I can't wait to see them! How many children do you have? I have a 10 year old boy. Take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Mistakes...I don't see any mistakes.

Nat Red Knits said...

Design features darling, never mistakes ;)
I know what you mean tho, it is annoying to make those kind of boo boos when it is something you can knit in your sleep. Who cares, they look great and as long as they are comfy, no one needs to even know. My choclate socks turned out to be my favs and I backwards my decreases during a brain fart.
We all have those off days.


Dawn said...

Thank you so much ladies for your kind words in my time of wackiness! LOL!! These socks were just a hoot to make. I'm waiting to see if they fall apart when I wear them! hahaha!

Dawn, I have two girls (9 & 11). I'm trying to convince them to luv yarn as much as I do! :o)

Hope all of your holidays were awesome!! (((Hugs)))