Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Must Hold the Title

of the "World's Most Boring-est Knitter".

Behold yet ANOTHER pair of socks on the Knitpicks Harmony fixed circular (size 1).

Even though I had problems knitting with the Harmony DPN's (I thought I was going to snap them in two), this fixed circular makes me happy-happy beyond words. I think it's called love.
(magic loop is soooo addictive)

Here's part of a sweater that I'm working on now.

It's from the same yarn that I was using for the Sitcom Chic (which landed in the frog pile, things just weren't working out). I decided on a different pattern but I have to wonder if I'll ever finish it. Seems like miles and miles of "knit 2 purl 2" and I'm still on the back. It could be years before it's ever done, but I'm not in any big hurry. This has turned into my relaxing TV knitting for now. A couple of rows here and there and I'm feeling good. This project's been one of those ones where I measure and have 7 inches, then I knit for a couple of days and measure again and I have......7 inches. It feels like I'm in that Groundhog movie where I keep reliving the same moment over and over. Then I do one more row...measure....and suddenly have 10 inches!! Crazy!!

We found out Thursday that my youngest does need braces for sure. I know I knew it already, but it's going to be for the long haul, probably around 36 mos . (I think I physically drooped when he said that). What mainly concerns me as a Mom is any pain she'll have to endure. I can handle my own pain, but when it comes to the girls, it's tough for me, very tough. Turns out it's a good thing that I'm on my "yarn" diet this year, since my pocketbook is going to be feeding her Orthodontist for a bit now. I just got another catalog from Webs in the mail today and it's sooooo hard to not peek inside and drool. I have to remember that I'm very fortunate that the stash is so well stocked. I better think about going back to work someday, these kids should come with an estimate before you have them! .

I'm thinking of getting back into the doctor soon, my blasted gallbladder is acting up again. I'm scared silly at having any type of surgery, (and even more about a low-fat diet) but man, this pain is bugging the heck out of me lately. One night last week I had some pizza and I've been in pain ever since. I hate getting old and falling apart! How I wish I was 20 again....

Spring Break has arrived so the girls will be home driving me batty next week. It's going to be fun when I get them cleaning the house with me! hahaha! They just LUV that. We don't have any definite plans but we're going to try to get out and enjoy the springtime in between the thunderstorms.

Back to my regular scheduled knitting program... socks and K2P2.


knittinwolf said...

What pattern are you using for the socks...pretty? What pattern you using for the boring sweater?:) Jimmy got his braces on the day before thanksgiving...I'm the one who cried because he was in sooo much pain and couldn't eat anything. He's never been one to like ice cream, yogurt, etc. boy did he learn quick! Whats wrong with you gallbladder? Glad you posted was wondering about you... Are you going to the funeral for your aunt?

Anna said...

Love the color of those socks!

And I totally understand about kids costing a lot. My girl will need braces, too, but they're having us wait a bit until some more adult teeth grow in. I just hope we can somehow fit it into the budget. As it is, we can barely afford our basic bills, and the way the economy is going's just scary.