Friday, March 21, 2008

Knit Nite

The Third Thursday of the Month is my Panera Knitting Nite at one location (we also have another one on the 1st Thurs. of the month at a different Panera). Funny, the three of us that make it to this one haven't been able to make it to the other one. They have good reasons, mine is just chicken-ness some of the time but sometimes there have been valid reasons: sick kids, school functions etc. In any case, this one is a LOT closer for me and since I hate driving in this town - (especially to jump on the interstate in 5:00 traffic) I always take this one chance to hook up with the ladies. We have a lot of fun, there are about 6 of us total, but only three of us showed this time.

Here's Beth inserting and fixing the twisted cord pulls on my Volute Purse. I'm lucky to have the ladies, this had me frustrated beyond measure. Beth is one smart lady (seriously) and she figured out in about 30 minutes what took me hours (okay, weeks.)

Here's how I wanted it to look, just like the picture in the pattern book: With the tassels hanging down when the bag is cinched up. I'd never worked with twisted cord before so it was kind of frustrating until I realized once they were threaded thru I'd have to cut the other end of one cord and tie the two ends together (makes the tassel fuller as well). No one told me that. In the pattern it just says to make two, weave them in opposite directions and that's about it. Hmmm, I get very little sleep on a regular basis and need a little more help with what seems "simple" or basic to others.

All that drama and headache for this: Miss J got the purse and now it's Mr. Somebody's (I can't remember his name!) house. For now anyway. Later she'll fill it with all kinds of "her stuff". She has all her bags full of something or other. Of course, now Miss C is upset she doesn't have one for her Mr. Somebody (forgot his name too.) I have to get started on the other one soon.... at least they make me feel wanted!

Below you can see that Tracy is the only one who got any knitting done!!! She can talk and knit at the same time!!! Amazing!!! Beth's pattern was tough, (she's making a toy dog) there were rows that weren't even accounted for in the instructions so she just put it away and we jabbed our jaws.

Here's what I did:

And I didn't even cast on the right number. And that was after about 4 tries. I'm telling you, my mouth gets going and I lose all focus.

Note to self: Next time, CAST ON BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME!!!!


knittinwolf said...

Thank you for posting...dang even pictures too...guess I'm slacking!:) I just need a camera that can fit in my purse! You need to take something that is just knitting or knit/ thinking, no counting projects!:) Those are the cutest bags! For the clapotis I'm getting the Pacifica and for another canopy I'm getting the Celtica. hugs

Dawn said...

I know! LOL! I usually take a sock I'm working on with me. This time I had something else but thought I'd start this other hat. I thought it was so funny! Usually I get a little bit more done than that! ;O)

Gotta check out those colors...where did you hear about that gal?? Her colorways are really pretty!

Anna said...

I've never been out knitting with others. It sounds like a lot of fun. I can totally see how the cast on could get screwed up. I need complete quiet when I cast on, and since I have a 7-year-old, you can imagine why it always takes several tries!

Nat Red Knits said...

You guys look like your having so much fun it is making me think of hanging out at my Panera. I heard a rumor that they have a knit nite.

I love thos bags...too cute!