Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Cats for Sale =^o^=

This is what I found downstairs this afternoon, do you think they need some prozac or something? (Yes, we do change out the cardboard ring, this is a newer one, not that you could tell....)
I keep finding little pieces of toilet paper EVERYWHERE!! GRrrrrrr
They dragged this feather boa out of the "give away" bag that was in the girls closet (UPSTAIRS ) and brought it downstairs!! They'll SHRED just about anything. One of my poor plants was also chewed up a little today too. I'm ready to find these girls another home. I already have three other piggies to clean up after in this house, they've increased my workload, that's all I can see. It's lost it's "cute" or "funny" factor in my book!
That's Jessica's jacket also, they dragged it off the chair by the stairs and here it is in the kitchen/family room. Why do they do this at this time of the month? Do they want to be taken to the pound?

Cats for SALE!!!!! 95 % off!!

They don't look very worried do they? hmmmm Someday I'm going to leave the front door open....

On the walking front, we're expecting rain today so I didn't go after school because it was getting darker and darker by the minute (spooky). Tomorrow we're off to visit my husbands parents and his Aunt & Uncle who are visiting them as well. We'll take a nice long walk around their area. They have a great neighborhood to walk in, just enough inclines and such to give you a nice workout. Their hills aren't nearly as steep as in our neighborhood and they don't have construction trucks FLYING up and down the roads either. It's really nice, VERY quiet, and peaceful! I wish I lived there!! Like I said Julie, you're so lucky you can just walk out your front door and go around the blocks there!! (I never thought I'd miss having sidewalks so much in my life) I miss Fresno So much sometimes... you really should take advantage of it!! I'm gonna call you and check! LOL! I really think walking is the best way to start getting back into the swing of things.

Report cards came home today, the girls both did very well again. They're just growing too fast, if we could just slow that part down I'd be happy. We made some homemade playdough today too. It's still chilling so we'll see how it turned out later. What a mess (the pan)! I don't think I'll do that again anytime soon.

Know what else? I'm burned out on knitting. I know, I'm stunned too . I'm just at one of those crossroads where I can't decide for the life of me what I want to knit!!! My mind is spinning!! No decisions are coming forth! I'm stuck. just. stuck. Even Ravelry isn't helping, if anything it almost makes it harder, so many choices. PMS time is hard enough for me without all this pressure I put on myself! I keep pulling a few things out of the stash but end up putting them back. It's probably best to put some plain socks on the needles I guess, that always calms me down a bit. I just lost my mojo but it'll come back soon. Gulp.


knittinwolf said...

Poor, poor kitties! Can so see them dragging that boa down the stairs???????? Know wonder your tired! up an down and up and don't need a trail just up and down j/k Can you tell I'm in an ornery mood. Its knit a long socks...then co for that shawl...then lets do that vest in your book...whoohoo girlie lets get crackin'! love ya

Dawn said...

I need a huge kick in the pants. Or chocolate. Something better kick in soon.

I know! You'd think I'd have buns of steel instead of all this baggage for a butt I have. :P These darn stairs don't do anything but make my ankles crack & pop! LOL!

Anna said...

Sorry about the cats. I stopped liking cats much when my friend's two cats decided to shred the inside of my rain jacket.

I hear you on the knitting thing. It's nearing the one-month mark since I last knit a stitch. I'm doing more writing, though, which is good, but I miss knitting.