Monday, March 31, 2008

Stash Story

If you've seen my stash on Ravelry you've probably wondered like Dawn "How on earth did you accumulate so much?" Well, like many things in life it was partly luck, and of course, partly just a natural desire to own it ALL. Since I can't do that (discovering new sock yarns almost every day makes it impossible **sigh**) I had to take the drastic action of the self imposed yarn diet and I've been good for three months now! (pat on back! )

The luck part happened when a LYS where I live went out of business (a year or so ago). We have two locally and this one was my favorite by far. I admit: I get all crazy, panicky, stressed, when I hear "get it before it's gone!" I did. I bought some yarns then that I normally wouldn't have otherwise, simply because they were 50- 75% off. It was a blast and I did spend a few $$. It was hard because I kept hearing that any week "would be her last" soooo I'd innocently drive by - and the shop would still be open! Could YOU not stop by to see what was left?? I definitely know this is what pushed me into that crazy stash zone.

I was also a crocheter before I learned to knit, so I already had a "slight" stash, just not to the same degree (by far). Travelling ALSO bumped me up. Wherever we go we stop at a yarn shop. I have yarn from the CA coastline and central valley, from several shops in east, west and middle South Carolina, and TN. I've bought something from each and every one so there are several "Memory" yarns in my stash as well. And then there are the online stores....seeing things on other blogs gives me lots of ideas as well...the inspiration and desire is everywhere.

Since I began I've found that I'm often that knitter who buys just because I fall in love with it, not because I have anything in mind for it at the time. I have terrible short-term memory (and long-term come to think of it!) so I'm also often the type who sees a pattern, gets all excited, buys the yarn.... and it then sits in the closet with all the other stash yarns and I forget where, who, what, why, etc. I get distracted by pretty things much too easily!! So, I have several binders of patterns just waiting for their turn one day. LOL! It's crazy, but it's me. It's just how I am.

I know my crazy mixed up self is why I lose my Knitting Mojo sometimes too. It's partly the Leo in my personality. I'm very detail oriented, but sometimes go overboard (okay, more than sometimes), and perfection mixed in there makes trouble for me as well. If it doesn't feel "right" I move on. I wish I was able to relax and see where things go at times and not strive to have it perfect. Which also proves that Patience is also not one of my virtues. I hate waiting in lines, I hate being on hold, and I hate knitting something that takes too long (for me anyway). I think a break is good sometimes though. We all need to catch our breath and focus at times.

Your writing is an awesome creative outlet Anna!! I applaud you for that talent! I know knitting is supposed to be calming and beneficial, but at times it can be frustrating for me so I guess it's a good thing to back off at times and let something else in.

I've always struggled a bit with creative things, focusing on one thing for a time. Years ago I used to do shadow boxes, decoupage, (I was into lacy, victorian, and antique things) and then I found my love of crocheting again, and from there taught myself to knit.

It's been a heck of a journey but I HAVE to use up most of that stash before i move onto anything else! LOL!!

Me: "I never get any yarn packages in the mail anymore!" (My whine is spot on!)

The Big Guy: "I'll get some out of the closet and mail it to you".

I guess I asked for that one! Hmpf.


Julianne said...

OH RICHARD!!!!!!!!!! That was a good one...I am still laughing. I am sorry Gidge, but you set yourself up for that. OMG, I cannot quit laughing. I may not have a big of a stash as you, but I know exactly what you mean about seeing a pattern, buying the yarn and letting it sit there. As for patterns, OMG, tons and tons of binders, clubs, books.....hmmmmm....I remember your crafty stuff. I still have the shadow box that you made me and the decopage. Well, anyways, just wanted to say hi and hope all is well.....oh gosh I am still ya lots, ybf (giggle) :-)

knittinwolf said...

What a guy! How funny...I was thinking the same thing!:) It sounds like you're in a big slump! It'll pick up when you feel better. Its hard to knit when you feel like poopy! I gotta frog that mohair shawl...didn't know that when a chart has a red box and says repeat you're supposed to know that you do more repeats each time on both sides of the center! I don't know if I can get that dang mohair apart! Gotta wait till the red head in me kicks in and then I'll do it! Oh and patience, whats that?:) Turn that frown upside down! Love ya!

Anna said...

Writing is definitely something that helps me cope with stress, but I wish I would just stop falling asleep long enough to write more than a sentence or two! (Work is still crazy, but I think I might actually have time to block tonight or tomorrow--fingers crossed!)

I definitely would've snapped up those yarn bargains! When I had more money, I would buy yarn simply because I liked it, with no project in mind. I think my loss of knitting mojo has something to do with the fact that I have too many patterns I want to knit and I want to choose the right one!! But I can't decide...LOL

Your hubby sounds like one funny guy!