Sunday, March 9, 2008

Socks and Snow

I finished my Soxx Appeal Socks and they're quite squishy & "sproingy". I've used Cascade's Fixation before (which has elastic in it also), so I didn't have a hard time adjusting my tension for these. These feel almost like Fixation too, they're sort of nubby, it's just fun to use something different once in awhile. I bought this yarn mainly for the colorway. The jury is still out on how well I like it worked up, but I think they're growing on me. (edited to add picture that you can actually see! LOL!)

Magic Loop Size 2 - Cast on 56 - Soxx Appeal by Knit One Crochet Too in Oceana

Another note: Look how far ONE ball of this got me (Note: It isn't your eyes, just my blurry self taking blurry pictures....):

I just used a "smidget" of the other ball to finish the toe on the second sock. I could easily get another pair of anklets out of the second ball. I made these in a womens' small size 5-6. I don't know that I'll use it for more socks though, I'm thinking of other accessories like ipod cozies or headbands or such. Someday....

Saturday morning we finally got a "little" more than a dusting of snow. We have a huge hill behind the houses on our street so the girls and their Dad hit that as usual. There was just enough for that, so they had a good hour out there and got totally wet & dirty. They loved every minute of it. It was soooo cold. We ran errands later and most of it was gone all over town by then, but the icicles were everywhere. I was just waiting for one to end up stabbing my head!

Jenna loved it too. She wishes she could be running with the sled dogs in Alaska! You should see her go!

And that's about it. More socks on the needles, I'm so's to a good week ahead.

PS. Thank You Anna for making me laugh about my grouchy post. It's good to know that even when you're a total bummer, you still have friends. You cracked me up, I'm forever asking my husband "do you smell that?" too!!

PSS. Miss Dawn, get well soon!!! (as in Please Go to the Doctor!) and thanks too for calling me even when you were so sick!! Sending Get Well Wishes & Hugs your way.....


knittinwolf said...

Love the socks...making me feel guilty that I'm not doing more knitting!:) Yesterday I kept all my food in...yeah and feeling much better. Still get real weak and tired but thats to be expected when was down for two weeks. The doc said to only come back if I started puking otherwise it has to run its course. A lot of people here in CA have had it this bad...guess it was even on the news. Theres 6-8 flu's here that the flu shot doesn't even cover. Lovely huh? Love the word sproingy!

Anna said...

Cool socks! At least someone's been knitting lately! (I can live/knit vicariously through you!)

I've never tried that yarn, but I'll add it to my list. I love "sproingy!"

And thanks for sending good thoughts my way. I feel a little better this weekend as I refused to take home work. Hoping to get some knitting or writing in later today.