Friday, April 25, 2008

I Have Found Him-My Hottie Robin

(The Big Guy already knows about my teenage crushes so I can show these pics with no guilt.)

I watch the BBC Channel now and again and keep seeing the previews for their new "Robin Hood" series coming up. It got me to thinking about the one that I used to watch back in the day when MTV played music videos (ALL THE TIME) and me watching anything else was rare. I knew what my Robin looked like, I just couldn't remember the name of the series. For a long time now I've tried to find out if it was ever on DVD. I've searched Cinemax & Hbo and I finally googled "actors who played Robin Hood" and found it the other night (DuH! It was on Showtime)! It amazed me to find SO MANY fan sites on it that I felt a little silly to have NOT found it by now! Big time embarrassed! All hail the Google Search.

Here's my Perfect Robin Hood:

How I wanted to be Maid Marion.

Maybe it's the long hair, maybe it's his dark looks, or maybe it's because this was a really AWESOME series ( was him), I LOVED this show. And it's on AMAZON, so we all know what this little girl is getting for Christmas. Michael Praed (My beloved Robin) was only on it for two seasons, then Sean Connery's son took over the part and I quit watching it.

The 80's. These were the fun years of fabulous crushes and dreams. Lots & Lots of good memories, concerts, and shows. I can't remember how my BF Julie and I decided "who" we wanted as our own out of what band/show, but we never picked the same guy which shows what great friends we are. But if she had wanted Michael....hmmmm LOL!!! Nah, She would've given him to me, I'm sure of it!

I also was clearing out my email and came across one that my knitting buddy Jane sent me back in December 07. It's about this fellow:

Opera can bring me to tears easily. It's beautiful, emotional, strong, (and difficult to sing). So hearing about Paul Potts being a cell phone salesman when he went on this show was amazing. I, like the judges didn't expect what they got. He's a very simple man who seems as sweet as the day is long. This is very touching and you "know" from the audience that something "magical" is happening right before their eyes. (I see major $$ signs in Simon's eyes too). Now Paul Potts is all over Youtube and has his own CD out. He's amazing. I've watched this (0ver and over and over) and shed a few tears, as well as his follow up and win on the show. It's so heartwarming. He's just the sweetest guy and deserves all the success he has now. A real Cinder-fella story to warm your heart. I'm just so out of the loop, he's been all over the place and I just "happened" to find him from an email from five months ago! Never give up on your dreams. He was 37 when he did this. Find what makes you happy and do it.

Robin is all over youtube too (under Robin of Sherwood- or Loxley). I loved the music from the show and it turns out Clannad has family connections to Enya who's music I love as well. Talk about relaxing and romantic. I have to get that music too...good thing I'm on this yarn diet....

Now I'm off to watch my Elizabeth: The Golden Age dvd. I love almost anything from this time period -it's my favorite time in history. And I love Cate in this role. She's magnificent and just as I would imagine the real Queen Elizabeth I. When that perfect combination of actor/person exists for me, it's just magic and I'm a true blue fan. - who needs to check out youtube more and practice googling.


knittinwolf said...

You silly girl!:) Didn't you have a crush on Shawn Cassidy too? ha ha Memories....I could never catch up to you and your stash! I should take a picture!

msrhonda66 said...

Yeah, I love Elizabeth movies, let me know how the new one is! I never watched Robin (Hottie) Hood!

Dawn said...

Funny Dawn! I loved David Cassidy!! Donnie Osmond, Andy Gibb, and John T, and so many others! LOL!! Then the teen years brought out all the rock bands and my crushes took off from there too. It was fun to split them all up with Julie! LOL! Great memories....

Rhonda, you'd probably like this series. It was very well done and all the actors seemed to fit their roles, even Maid Marion was great. It ruined any other Robin Hood movie for me in the future (Kevin Costner-Ick!Ack!). I did like Men in Tights tho! hahaha! I love Any Elizabeth Movie, this one got mixed reviews but I still love it. :)

Anna said...

When I was a girl I thought David Cassidy and Davy Jones were the bees knees!

Now my celebrity crushes vary. I'm head over heels for Stuart Townsend. (Let's not discuss my new Ninja Warrior fascination!)

Glad to see that I'm not alone in this regard! Though I've never seen that Robin Hood!

Nat Red Knits said...

I remember Robin!!! I love him!!! I always swoon over those warrior types.