Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunny Days

We've gone from a week of April showers to bright "hot" sunshine! It's past time to break out the shorts! Well, time to go shopping for more anyway. These kids are growing way too fast. My daughter tried on several pairs of her old capri's and shorts and only two out of around 15 still fit. I'm also hoping my big caboose will fit into something (ANYthing from last summer...)

I did better on my walk this Sunday, we went around the trail twice and it felt great. I can certainly do better walking than anything else right now. I'll probably be back there tomorrow after school's out, I just hope it's not grossly humid. I sure miss that cool spring breeze we had for a bit there, now I wish I had started a few months earlier.

Nothing new on the knitting front, I still haven't found "the project" that makes my heart go pitter patter. I think it's spring fever. It's just so pretty outside, I want to be doing other things right now. Today was house cleaning day, not something I WANT to do, but somebody HAS to do it I guess. Soon I want to go thru my craft room downstairs and get it sorted out, I have a lot of stuff that probably should go. I'm never going to scrapbook, I'm (probably) never going to sew...I need to get things organized. That Spring Cleaning bug is getting to me again...

I've been meaning to tell Anna about how the Panda Cotton Socks turned out once they dried (in like 3 days-Reminder: Throw them in the dryer next time!).
I like the way they feel, they are soft, but these aren't on my "fav" list. I gave them to my oldest because they turned out a little snug for me and the tops do tend to stretch out just a bit. The yarn's a little splitty (which didn't bother me much) but my usual sock formula didn't work so well with them. I don't like having to re-do socks so many times. These befuddled my knitting brain! (Not that that's hard to do!). You may like it, I had no trouble with Soxx Appeal or Fixation. But these were a bummer. You know how it is when you're just glad you're done? I LOVE the color tho!! LOL!

Remember how we said that there were never any good patterns in Vogue? Isn't this pretty? I do like this one from the last issue.

Okay, it would NEVER fit me, (I never show my tummy like that after 2 c-sections and chocolate) but I adore this sweater...I may make it one day just for fun. Maybe my girls will use it one day.

I'm being so good on my yarn diet that I ordered myself a couple of books from Amazon. And I got another magazine in the mail's a good day.

I sure wish I could make it to Atlanta or Nashville to see The Yarn Harlot. She totally cracks me up and I only wish I had half her talent when it came to knitting. Someday I'm going to make it to one of her stops on a tour. Someday. Off to break the spines of my books!


knittinwolf said...

Sounds so good there...sooooo windy here still. Not going to be able to go on vacation...think I have a touch of that flu again..pills are keeping me off the toilet! Been in bed resting all day. I bought three books too..I'll post them on la blog!:) You're doing so good with your walking...I bet the caboose is coming right off! Love that sweater but have to agree I wouldn't make it either for same reasons! hugs

Dawn said...

Oh NO!!!! You poor thing!! :(

I'm so sorry about your vacation! But at least the coast isn't that far away right? Maybe you can make it for a few days? Darn I hope you don't get that flu again!!!

Rich has been sick with that bad cough that J had. I'm practically begging him to just stay home ONE lousy day and REST! He's going to drive me nuts.

Yep, the walking makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something since nothing else is getting done! Unfortunately nothing has come off the caboose yet tho! How the heck long does it take????

Julianne said...

Hey you, well the weather over here has been really nice but a little chilly at night. I have been working in the yard and actually painted my office this weekend after working. I know what you mean about getting organized. I need to get the rest of my stuff to storage so that I can organize all of my craft stuff in the garage. Hey, if you are getting rid of your scrapbooking stuff, don't forget about me...I love scrapbooking.... :-) Well, I haven't gotten around to walking. I am thinking of starting it up tomorrow. I have to go get me some new tennis though. Well, I hope that Richard is feeling better. Give him a get well hug for me k? And lots of hugs and kisses to you and the girls. Hey guess what, my crazy sister decided she wants us to take a family vacation for two weeks in Rome. So we are now all planning our family vacation. I'm excited about it...okay, talk to ya ya lots...YBF

Anna said...

Still cloudy and damp in MD, but warmer weather is coming. I'm so not looking forward to summer clothes. My daughter's 7, and I'm still not back in shape. (That's a story for another day!)

Thanks for the Panda Cotton Socks update. I think I'll hold off on that yarn for now, but the socks look great and I love the color!

That sweater from Vogue is pretty; I hear you on not showing your stomach. I'd probably knit it just for fun, but in the back of my mind, I'd say maybe I'll lose enough weight to wear it proudly, but then it would just collect dust until my daughter grows into it. :D

Yarn Harlot's in my neck of the woods right now, but unfortunately, I can't make it. :(

Nat Red Knits said...

My Doctor assures me that walking helps the caboose. I was told 30 minutes a day weither I want to or not. So I am on the walking kick with is that or take meds for the rest of my life...I don't think so!!

Dr's...just who do they think they are...

About your knitting slump...why don't you pickyour favorite yarn out of the stash and search Ravelry for patterns?

The Happy College Knitter said...

I too love that pattern in Vogue. My mom was excited to make it until she looked at the pattern in the back to discover there was only sizing for XS & Small! Boooo Vogue for thinking we're all shaped like your beautiful models. sigh...