Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sound the Alarm!

Yep. We're getting an alarm system put in this week.

Sunday while The Big Guy was mowing the lawn, a neighbor stopped and told him she saw two men parked in our driveway on Friday afternoon and they were standing in my flowerbed trying to look in my dining room window. Uh-huh, I know. Creepy.

Most know that I have a hard time sleeping at night (if at all). Sometimes during the morning/early afternoon is when I sleep the best (again, if at all, and sleep blocks out the constant construction noise). So knowing that someone was out there and I was probably alseep did NOT make me a happy camper. A two-story home has a lot of noises all on it's own. It's tough, some things I hear VERY well, and others I can't hear at all. My nerves are jumping all the time. And I was HOME. That's scary, creepy too. There could be a few explanations, but who the heck goes right up and looks in your windows? I was thinking maybe a realtor/buyer because our neighbor just put their house up for sale, but the lady said they were in a truck. Sounds fishy to me.

The truth is I've never been comfortable out here because we were somewhat secluded, but the more our neighborhood grows, the worse things are getting. The neighbor across the street had a truck tool chest stolen from his front yard, same thing: in the mid-afternoon. Someone else had moved out and someone forced the garage door open by bending it. It totally baffles me because so much is going on around here all day. The trucks are driving by, the mailman comes by, the kids get off the buses all day (kindergarten, elem, middle & high school - all at different times.) There's always some traffic, I find it hard to fathom that someone would try, but most burglaries are in the daytime...

People have a whole lot of nerve apparently and I'm not going to wait and see if anything happens. I think these construction guys are getting sticky fingers and with all the work going on, people don't think much seeing trucks parked in people's driveways around here. I'm just glad that lady kept an eye out. She didn't know if they were here to work or what but she let them know she saw them.

The next day we put blinds up in those windows (the only ones that didn't have them, I have sheer curtains there). Now no one can see in any of my windows and we'll have the alarm in very soon. That's some comfort I guess. I know it's not the "end all" to crime but it helps. I wish it would blast them to bits and disentigrate them if they tried to get in!! Well, you just can't be careful enough these days. Now I'm really on guard and plan to stay that way.

No knitting lately, I was working on a hat in the Malabrigo but man is it tough on me. It's soft, but yet still "prickles" my hands for some reason. It feels like little electric zings, kind of "itchy". Not fun. Plus my hands feel so dry when I use it. Does it dry your skin out? Is that crazy?? I don't know, but it's happening to me. No cool knitting mojo going on yet but it'll happen.

The Big Guy caught Miss J's cold (she actually has pneumonia!) so they're both going to be home for a day or two with me. Whew! Makes me feel better. We may have company by Friday too so I still have a lot to do. My knitting will pick up next week hopefully.

Happy Hump Day. And Be Safe.


knittinwolf said...

How scary! We were robbed in 95. They had to be stalking our house because every day I left for work at different hospitals and such and different times. The broked through the garage, pulled in there van and were in the house for over an hour and a half. They even went through photo albums, the high ceiling shelf things, my sparkelets bottle full of change they had time to get all the silver change and leave the pennies. Sooooooooooo creepy and such a violation. At least James happened to get off work early that day and he found out first...I'd have totally freaked out. Of course it then took the police 4 hours later to come and do a report and a whole day to dust the house for prints! Our new house here is wired for a system but we haven't hooked it up yet. With our electric entry gates know one can really get in. But I've told James before I'm here for a weekend alone I want it connected. You just feel safer with it. Love you lots!

Dawn said...

You should really get that hooked up girl! I wish it wasn't something that we HAD to do, but it's just necessary in this world we live in now. Especially with prices of everything going up, people are going nuts.

Our's will be wireless which is cool, if we move we can take it with us. I'll feel a little safer being in the house alone - even during the day. That sucker will be on all the time! LOL!

Anna said...

Our leasing office put alarm systems in all the townhomes 2 years ago after a bunch of robberies. We're second to the end, and the end unit was robbed three times, and we were supposedly home next door each time and we never heard or saw a thing. Scary!!!

Did the neighbor call the police? I certainly would have because it's not normal to look through people's windows!!!

We keep ours on all the time, even when we're home. It helps me feel safe when it's just me and the girl at night.

Glad to hear your neighbor alerted you before anything happened!

Dawn said...

Hey Anna, I'm glad you have one too! Now I just have to get the family to remember how to use it right! I'm afraid of setting it off by accident! :)

Yep, we were in an end apartment at one time when we first got married and we got robbed. Same thing, no one heard or saw anything and it happened during the day. Total Bummer! I'm glad you guys aren't on the end.

The lady didn't call the police but she made sure they saw that she was checking them out. It's hard out here, there's so much work going on and people have work trucks/vans in front of their houses all the time, she wasn't sure if they were supposed to be here.

I'll feel better having the alarm on all the time. I can't wait! :)

Nat Red Knits said...

Lucky for you that you have good neighbors!!! How scary to have someone peeking into your window!!!
Spring seems to be the time for resd burgs! We have had quite of few of them in the town where I work in the last month.
I know what that feels like too, When I was 16 I walked in or burglars in our house. Lucky for me they ran out of the basement when they heard me come in. It really freaked me out. Dawn is right, it does feel like a violation. I had to stay with my brother and his wife for two weeks before I could bring myself to go back home. My parents had been gone for the weekend so I was walking into the house alone. They had even slept in my bed!!
I still shudder to think of it.

You better keep your doors locked when your home too.
Stay safe!

Dawn said...

Oh Jeanne! How scary for you!!

My Mom lives alone and years ago in our old house she had stayed home sick from work and caught a guy coming in thru her kitchen window! She yelled at him and I think scared the crap out of him cause he took off like his butt was on fire! I'm so grateful that she got lucky, that's one thing I don't think I could face. I can understand how you felt. We moved out of that apartment we were in that got robbed. It just freaked us out too.

I think I will call the sheriff's office, just to make sure they know. I wonder if other crime is going up in our area...I'm going to make sure I ask!;O)