Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I like to knit...I like to knit...

First, proof of my massive indecisiveness lately. Hmmmm, which to choose.... I've literally been winding skeins almost every other day rather than getting any knitting done.

Eureka! I have it!! Well.... I HAD it.... (my scarf is buried in that bunch up there, whole other story...)

I was so excited to start the Broadripple Pattern for my Mom for Mother's Day after all the indecision lately. I found some other Cascade Fixation in my stash (which is NONE of the above!) Pink Yarn makes me happier than I can imagine so I was jazzed. Yea Baby!

Well, that was until I cast on the "first" time following the pattern with a 56 st cast on. Boy, did that seem "huge". (My Mom has small feet and little ankles). So, I decided to frog and redo it with size 2 DPN's needles instead of 3's. Okay, slightly better on my second go, but still a little bigger than what looks right to me. I figured "I'll see where this goes" so I re-cast on for try #3 with my magic loop needle instead. Working with the size 2 DPN's was not as comfortable as the 3's, things are definitely tighter for sure. (How anyone knits with Cascade Fixation on 0's or 1's is beyond me, they must have strong fingers.) I also decided against doing so many of the Garter Ripple sts at the beginning of the pattern which may or may not have been another cast on try, I've simply lost track by now.

Looking Good: Side one of my needle

Now side TWO. Ah, uh-oh. Drats. Cast on # zillion and one coming up.

Sasha said, "just lay down on something, you'll feel better".


knittinwolf said...

Love that pink! Sooooo pretty! Ooops I see the ripple thing...ugh I hate knittin slumps where everything you do you need to frog it. Thats when I go and do something I've done before that I knew worked. Just remember the choo choo...I think I can...I think I can!:) hugs

Dawn said...

It's so funny Dawn, I have this pattern down *pat*. I've had to restart it so many times, I'm a pro! LOL! I kept that on the needles over night thinking "should I just go on?" but the perfectionist knitter got the best of me and I ripped and restarted (again!). :)

I'm tellin ya, stockinette St socks are the way to go!

knittinwolf said...

Sasha looks sooooo pretty...should I send her a boa!:) hee hee Keep on keepin on with that knittin girlie! Love ya and hugs

Anna said...

That color is very pretty! Can't wait to see what it looks like all knit up! Glad to see you were finally able to choose a project. ;)