Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Pretty Silk Scarf

Here's a close up of my Diagonal Lace Scarf.

You can barely see the little "pink" areas well in this picture. They were the reason why I wanted an "open" pattern for this yarn and it worked out beautifully. I didn't like the splotchies that showed up in a tighter fabric. I spill enough stuff ON myself all by myself, I don't need help from my yarn. So this pattern was perfect.

I blocked it at the same time as my Dark Mark illusion scarf but have been lazy about blogging about it. It took forever just to get pictures - I was lazy about that too. These could have been a lot better but the way I've been feeling, I'm lucky to be doing anything at all.

I threw my Grandma's black velvet jacket on my youngest and proped her up with the scarf around her shoulders. She's so tiny! LOL!! But that's my vision for it, to wear it with another yummy fabric like velvet. The silk is just so soft and I want to play with and pet this scarf all the time. It does get fuzzy though so I have to be careful how I handle it.

This is the reason why I've shyed away from that "lace" shawl Dawn!! I can't tell you how many times I had to tink back because I messed up on a row here and there. It's embarrassing how distracted I can get with a repetitious pattern, (and only 30 sts in each row!) I can't imagine the tears I'd shed if I tried a whole shawl!!! I want to participate in the Knitters Olympic Trials so that may be the project that I work on for those 17 days....what the heck, who's going to throw me in Knitters Prison if I don't finish or change my mind!

The other part that I completely stink at is blocking. Oh Lord Give Me Patience. I do such a bad job no matter what I block. I even bought the wires and still had no patience to use them on my scarf. I can't imagine how much time it would take for a shawl??

Well, The Big Guy's been on vacation this week so I've been trying to work on his Father's Day socks at night after he goes to sleep. They're in a dark yarn so that's really a lot of fun for my poor old eyeballs! I should wait until next week so I won't lose my eyesight completely but I really want them DONE. I've only got the leg on one done so far...

Bedtime for this tired knitter...


Anna said...

That is a beautiful scarf! I think it'll look great with whatever you wear.

I'm out the loop...what's the Knitter's Olympic Trials??

Can't wait to see the Father's Day socks. My hubby is so clueless I knit things for him right in front of him and he has no idea. Too busy watching sports, I guess. ;)

knittinwolf said...

Love the scarf!

What's Knitter's Olympics?

I should make my hubby some socks someday too!

Dawn said...

I invited both of you to the KO group on Ravelry. I heard about it a few days ago from the Knitlist on yahoo. We don't get a medal, but we can at least get another button for our blogs! :)

This one is just a simple challenge to ourselves to do something in that length of time (summer olympics). The other main one is only for the winter olympics in 2010 I think.

Nat Red Knits said...

You have been a busy busy girl. I love your scarf! You are putting me to shame here, I haven't finished any knitting in weeks.

Knitting Trials?? I am out of the loop too! I need to get my mojo back! I am be-hind on everything!!!