Saturday, May 31, 2008

Uggy Muggy

Last Monday we went for our walk (I'm trying to still go twice a week) and it's getting to that stage of summer that I absolutely cry over- high humidity. Hot. Humid. Icky. Frizzy hair. Sweat. Stay Inside Kind of Weather. It's funny how I can't get used to this part of the south. I can take 100+ temps in CA (even in pantyhose by gosh!), but high humidity just makes me unable to breathe. It feels like being smothered. Does it get any easier?

This is the first time we took the wooded trail and they weren't kidding in that sense. It was kind of spooky with all the trees around, I pictured some wierdo hiding in there waiting to jump out and try to kidnap us! (I watch too much forensic tv...) All that tree coverage does nothing for the intense heat, you feel like you're in an oven. I think we'll stick to the regular walking trail out in the open from now on. And the BUGS..ew.... we won't talk about the bugs in there...I guess I wouldn't have been a very good Maid Marion after all... .

After going up and down (it's pretty steep in some areas) and around and around we came out on this part. The golf course is there and it looked so pretty. We went back though, it wasn't great for bike riding and my oldest had her's. It was a great workout though, I haven't sweated that much in a long time. Being outside here now is like walking into a sauna. Why aren't the pounds falling off?? I didn't make it out there the rest of the week, maybe tomorrow...


knittinwolf said...

Wow, what beautiful greenery! Love the pantyhose comment...bout fell over laughing...I hate the heat!Can't even imagine So proud of you for walking! Email me about your IBS
hugs and love you!

Anna said...

Nice scenery. Looks like a great place to walk.

Know what's funny? I get those same thoughts about crazy people waiting to jump out and attack. The worst is when we went camping last summer and Serena, my daughter, and I were alone at the campfire while the boys fished at night. I was so scared! LOL

Nat Red Knits said...

Tennessee is beautiful isn't it. I can remember as a kid, staying with my uncle, walking 1 mile up and down hills to go play with my nearest neighbor.

I'm hearing your song about the humidity! I can't stand the humidity either. Give me Arizona or California heat any day over any kind of heat in the midwest or the south!!

You keep walking hone and make sure you take your water bottle along.