Monday, May 12, 2008


My Dark Mark Illusion Scarf:

But, I'm not the happiest of campers. I used Cascase 220 Superwash since it's for my nephew (who'd eventually need to wash it). After I finished it I ran it thru a cold water, delicate cycle for a short time, then dryed it in a mesh bag for a few minutes. It seemed REALLLY Long when I took it out to switch it! Okay...nervous time...and thinking of ripping back and reknitting that middle section was swimming through my brain.

After a bit I laid it out to dry flat (glad I left off fringe as it was already to my knees). Later, I was on the phone with my Mom telling her how long it was (and panicking) so when I got off the phone I put it back in the dryer. Wa-la! It DID shrink down some thank goodness!

It's not up to my standards though, it still seems too stretched out, not enough stitch definition, and most wool things I knit = "Piley and fuzzy". And I'm thinking I should've used those size 6 needles after all. It's funny because I'm usually such a "tight" knitter that it's my norm to go UP a needle size but this pattern called for 7's which I went with. I HAD started on 6's but thought it may have been to narrow as I was working it up. I should've listened to my first instinct tho, it showed much better definition of the image than the end result. Notice how blurry his eye areas are? Other people's are much clearer on Ravelry.

It's a fun pattern and I finished in about a week (some consolation if I do decide to redo it). I don't usually like reading charts because keeping my place is always so hard!! My eyes wander all over and I get dizzy! But this one is pretty easy to read and it makes it hard to stop, I kept thinking "okay, just a few more rows.." and knit until my wrists hurt. I think Storm Moon Knits did an awesome job! Especially if a "chart-inept" person like me can work it up. Bravo!! for the pattern! Boo!! to the knitter who second guesses herself.

Oh well, Dancing With The Stars is on tonight. If Marissa stays I'm seriously going to quit watching anything anymore! LOL!


knittinwolf said...

I love, love the scarf..awesome! Jimmy sees it and he's gonna want one! Don't be so picky!:) It turned out great! I agree with you about Dancing with the Stars..I think Kristy should win...although I love watching Edita dance! Love you lots!

Anna said...

That scarf rocks! (Everything rocks these days. My daughter made me a Mother's Day card that says "You rock!" Too funny!)

How difficult is illusion knitting? I've never tried it before, but I've seen a couple patterns I'd like to try.

Julianne said...

OMG...Can I put my order in for me and my neice??? That is awesome. I love it. You are so creative. And listen missy, quit being so is just too cool. I am sure Noah is going to love it. Wow. I am absolutely blown away by it. Gosh, I wish I could do that. Well, I having been watching DWTS and I hate when it gets down to the finals because they are all good. I am sure Kristy will take it but I like Christian and Jason too....oh well, we shall see. Talk to ya later and again that is so awesome....YBF

Dawn said...

Thanks everybody! I just have it hanging over a chair for now, still too lazy to re-wash it! LOL! You're right Dawn, I'm too picky! I drive myself crazy then end up driving everyone else crazy!! Just ask Richard! :p

I do like it but I remember from Knitty Gritty that using smaller needles and sometimes chunky yarn produces better results. I like this one, but maybe it would be better in a little bit thicker yarn?

I'll make you anything anytime Julie! Just let me know what colors you want! Did you sign up for Ravelry yet? You should check out the other ones people have made! It orginally comes in Green/black (Dark Mark..spooky!) but I did this one in the blue/black since it would match the hat I made him awhile back. You COULD knit this in a heartbeat! It's just knits and purls! Nothing else!

There you go Anna! Easy-Peasy! Super Simple! I was SO terrified when I first saw the charts, but you just go one row at a time and bam! You're done! It's so easy! You'll love it!! :)

Angela said...

Hey were you happy with the Cascade220 super wash? I was thinking about doing the Central Park Hoodie in it and I was curious. What's your opinion.

Dawn said...

Hi Angela!
I liked working with the Cascade superwash. I just think I'd be more careful about washing it next time. The label does say to "handwash" but I figured since it was superwash I'd give it a go in the delicate cycle. It did fuzz a bit and stretch in the washer.

If you use it for a big project just treat it with a lot of TLC! ;O)