Friday, May 9, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I'm tired again . We had our dentist appointments yesterday and I was so relieved that I didn't need any fillings redone (I've been having some sensitivity) that we did a tiny bit of shopping at Target, Ross & Marshalls on the way home (after Olive Garden - gotta walk off that pasta). My pre-teen needed a purse and gosh, she's one pic-ky little girl. (I guess I can't talk though, it took me two years and flying to another state to find my last one. LOL! )
We finally found something for her but I'm just beat today. It's sad how little it takes to wipe me out anymore. Gotta mention that to my Doctor at the next visit. I think I better start drinking at least a little bit of caffiene soon. This constant fatigue is killing me.

When we were at the dentist waiting, we watched a story on a newschannel about a man whose wife had died after being in a bad accident and while she was in the trauma unit of the hospital being treated, someone stole her engagement/wedding band. I wasn't paying really close attention since other people are in there talking but it sounded like the hospital was stalling afterwards and didn't want to tell him they'd been stolen. Now he's gotten the story out to the media in the hopes of getting it back and probably lost valuable time because of their actions. It's a "customized" ring that she had designed herself, so anyone who spots it might recognize it and replacing it with "money" just isn't the point. I just thought that was such a bummer for him to have to deal with after losing his wife. Yes, it's just a material thing, but it meant a lot to him and he wanted his son to use it someday when he got married to honor his mother. It really ticked me off how the hospital handled it as well. They deserve all the bad publicity they get because who else but hospital staff would be allowed in a trauma unit with her?

Then I got home and read this from Clara on Knitters Review about someone stealing her shawl from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. What a world this is coming to when people gotta steal from knitters! Shame shame. I hope guilt eats away at both of these crooks. And the others who tried to ruin it for the festival as well. I've never heard of things being so bad at an event like this. Where's a lightning bolt when you need it?

Okay, enough anger. I just got thru telling my oldest that she has to get things out and not hold stuff in or it will give her high blood pressure like her old fogey parents. I guess I took my own advice! LOL!

Here's some of my latest knitting. I told Dawn that I'm probably going to frog these Monkeys. I'm not sure why, other than I just can't dig the pattern with this yarn. I also was going to try to do the pattern down the foot, which I normally don't do, but what can I say, I got a bee in my bonnet.

I may just finish it plain tho, we'll see. You can't really see it in the pic but I've already started the decreases and part of the pattern for the foot so I'd have to finish that repeat before going plain. Decisions, decisions. I've now started the second sock in plain stockinette and with a slightly larger cast on to see how it pools as well. Whichever one I like better I'll go with.

I'm still working on an illusion scarf for my nephew (which i didn't get a picture of). It's really curling bad, I hope it blocks out decently. I'm probably going to wash it, I just can't wear or gift anything without cleaning it first. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't ruin it. I'm hoping to be done with it by next week.

Okay, time for a nap.


knittinwolf said...

Ug, I really need to get back to the dentist and have him do all the work he wanted to do. Been waiting till I feel better...hmmm.

I love those socks! I like the they fit so far too? I think they look really great. I've seen some that the colors are so out there that the pattern doesn't show up. These the colors are totally awesome and the pattern shows up great!

Can't wait to see the scarf pics!:)

Anna said...

This was the first year since I've lived in MD that I didn't go to Sheep & Wool. (My mom-in-law was in town for my daughter's first communion.) After reading the Knitter's Review report, I was glad that I didn't go. I was very disappointed with all the crime. How sad.

I reall like those socks. I think the pattern looks fine with the colors. What yarn and colorway is that, btw?