Monday, May 5, 2008

Still Knitting & Ticking

Thanks for your well wishes last week friends. It was a very rough time for me. Every health issue I have decided to have a party and show up at the same time! I was aching like I haven't in like - Ever! It showed me that some of my days are better than I realize! As in all things, you don't know how good you have it until it gets worse! I'm on the flip side now, feeling a bit more of what's "normal" for me! It's still not fun, but it's WAY better than last week. I feel like the Bride of Frankenstien - "she's alive.... she's A L I V E!"

Here are the Broadripples that I made for my Mom for Mothers Day. (I was modeling - ignore the shaved but "unlotioned" legs- my daughters were my photographers and cranky ones at that-it's a Monday. And since I put blinds up in the bay window I don't get good light anymore for my pictures, even when they're all open). Enough excuses, here's the pic:
I may have mentioned before that on size 3's (which the pattern calls for), a 56 stitch cast on was seriously HUGE in my eyes so I used a size 2. It wasn't much fun because it's a much tighter knit with the Cascade Fixation. I think I've used size 4 or 5's with this yarn before. My right finger tip has felt bruised and tender from the KnitPicks circ I was using (sharp little pointy things they are!). I even switched to my bamboo DPN's but still, on size 2's, it's pushing it. Just another "ow" to add to my long list anyway. All in all I think I'm happy with them. I'm not super excited over the "feel" of them, but Mom wears her socks in the house mostly and they'll be good house socks. The colors remind me of candy canes or something like that. Here's a close up of the broadripple:

Still, an easy, nice pattern. I made some mistakes but you can't see them unless you're really looking good with magnifying glass! Once they wash up they get snugger as well. Maybe that's why they use the 56 st cast on? Not everyone has small feet and ankles like my Mom.

I finished my silk scarf but haven't blocked it yet. I ordered blocking wires from Joann's using their 40% off coupon, and once they came I finally got around to finishing the scarf. I just like having every knitting accessory ever made! Oohh, Makes me Happy Happy! Blocking this scarf still scares me but I'll take the plunge and get it over with soon I hope.

I've been working on some Monkey's that are taking me absolutely fricken for-ever. I've never taken so long to do ONE sock (I take that back - I think I do this a lot). I like the pattern, I guess it's partly how I was feeling last week - even though I started the sock a long time ago . So I put it aside, (again) and started a scarf for my nephew for his birthday in November. You can never start a gift too soon!

Speaking of Gifts, The Big Guy said I could get some yarn for Mother's Day!!!!! Guess what? I can't remember AT ALL what kinds I've been drooling over...I kept thinking I should've been making a written list rather than a mental list (me, mental list, very forgetful, yep that's a problem)....It's okay tho, I'm not in total panic mode. We'll be visiting his folks soon, the yarn shop that I love is on the way so I'll pick something out there. Whew. Close one.


knittinwolf said...

Love the glad you're getting back on track and feeling normal again! get to buy yarn...whoohoo! I ordered yarn for my mothers day gift! :) So happy to see you blog..its how I know you're really doing better!:) HUGS

Here's the mariachi for la la la bamba ha ha couldn't think of a spanish tune that I could type! Happy Cinco de Mayo mi amiga!

Anna said...

Those socks are very pretty! I'm happy that you're feeling better and doing a little knitting. (At least one of us is!)

Can't wait to see what yarn you get! Happy Mother's Day (in advance)!