Monday, August 18, 2008

And Now A Commercial Break

The olympics are still going on and my Haruha Scarf is on the floor blocking as I write this. I am SO CLOSE to the finish line - I can smell the taste of victory! But this is a break from the scarf so onto other stuff that's been going on.

We went this past weekend to the inlaws to visit with my husbands nephew who came down from Missouri with his girlfriend. I almost thought we weren't going to make it, this is what traffic looked like right out of Knoxville. It took an hour to go about 5 miles. Typical Tennessee stupid &^$#@#! road construction. It NEVER ends.... It ate up so much of our time that I didn't get to stop at The Yarn Patch to buy more yarn either. I know...I know... that is so not fair and I complained about it for several hours (okay, minutes).

I wouldn't have been so upset about all this trips misfortunes if this hadn't also happened:

That's "half" of my BRAND NEW KNITPICKS HARMONY SIZE 8 STRAIGHT NEEDLE that I stepped on (crunch) when getting back into the car on our way there. Boy, some days you should just stay home with your head under the covers... The other half is somewhere in The Big Guys car. I gave up looking for it (I didn't try that hard once it fell between the seat and console). My heart was just broken. I guess I'll just have to order some more....

After all that turmoil though, I was so glad I went and got to see him before he leaves. He's due in Fort Bragg, NC in late September for a couple of months of deployment stuff and then is off for a tour of duty of 12+ mos in Afghanistan. (He's Army Nat'l Guard.) I'm so not looking forward to him leaving. I feel so bad for his Mom as well. She has two boys and both are totally serious about being soldiers. It just breaks my heart to know he has to go and what he'll have to deal with. Thank God for our troops, and God Bless all the Mothers out there who have to let their boys go. We are a military family, this isn't new for us, but it's NEVER easy. Never.

In between the scarf though I finished these:

And I'm in LOVE. Lorna's Laces Purple Club (Shepard Sock). Size 0 needle (magic loop) and 72 st cast on. Simple. Soft. Comfortable. "No One Is Getting These But Me" kind of socks. I must go put them back on.


knittinwolf said...

Wow, I knew you could do it! And finished socks too..dang you're fast! Oh that stinks about your needle and on top of that not able to go to the yarn store...tragic shame! With the traffic too I'd of told James just take me home!:) Thats so hard him leaving...I hope and pray Jimmy never wants to be a soldier...I couldn't stand it! Whatcha goin' to work on now? So proud of you!

Beverly said...

What a good looking family! I HATE it when I lose a knitting needle. There has been more than one occasion where I have gone somewhere, pulled out the knitting, only to find one needle has been left behind - man, that can ruin a day!!

I hope it has turned up and good luck on completing your project. I have one more project to complete myself!

Dawn said...

Oh Dawn, you don't know how close I was to saying "let's turn around!" LOL!!! Things weren't going so hot, it makes you wonder what else will go wrong! LOL!

I know, Jimmy being your only son, I don't think I could let him join any of the branches of service. :(
Tell him to go into the Olympics! ;O)

Thank You Beverly for the comments! I have to bow to you gals who are doing multiple projects (AND designing them! Yikes!!). How are you doing it???? Well, I know you can do it!!! (I gotta go get me some of those cool Bob thingys for my blog too! LOL!!!)

Nat Red Knits said...

FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Doesn't it feel great?? I knoew you would make it. Your a knitting ninja! Don't forget to post that baby on the finish line.

I am so sorry you had to send your nephew off. It is heartbreaking. I am so tired to the war business and watching our boys leave.

Very tragic over your Harmony.. You should use that single needle as part of your decor as a tribute.

Beverly said...

Hey Dawn - thanks for stopping by the blog - I agree with mat red - we should have a moment of silence for the departed needle and leave teh other one in a place of honor. then perhaps, one day, when you have learned to move on and get through the day, the door will open and there will be the missing needle....oh, what a reunion that shall be!!

Anna said...

Wow! A scarf AND a pair of socks! You go girl!!!! Too bad about the needle. The only one I've ever broken was a sock DPN and I was stupid enough to force the sock on my foot while it was still on the needles. I swear, I'll never learn!

Aim said...

That is such a bittersweet thing, to let a child go to the military...I'm with you on that. God bless the mothers and fathers, as you said!