Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ravelympics-Day 2

How exciting! I really enjoyed the opening ceremonies this go around. It always chokes me up though, I'm a big crybaby.

On the Ravelympic's side, I started my HARUHA Scarf. Yes, I can spell it correctly even though I didn't in the last post. I also said I had to get my scarf done by the 17th!! Yea! Big Dufus here. I have more time to do my scarf than I thought I did!!!! I could've added another project for pete's sake!

Nah, I already feel stressed to get this done. Lace is NOT one of my favorite things to do, I think because I'm always so tired due to my sleep issues. It's hard to concentrate and I've had to TINK back a few times on this already. Not a bunch of rows thank goodness! Just one row here and there. Once it's finished I can knit whatever the heck I want to with no time restraints. See how competitive I am! LOL!! Lazy Mazy. Gotta say, I'm LUVIN my new Harmony straights too.

What do you enjoy watching during the Olympics? I love the swimming, diving, and gymnastics. But really I can almost watch anything, which is ironic since I really don't care for other sports. I honestly didn't know that some athletes get PAID to compete for medals. That took a little of the punch out of it for me, but The Big Guy says that's just the way it is. Money makes the world go round I guess.

Today has been spent cleaning out some closets, filling more bags to take to charity, and cleaning house. The girls start school on Monday so I figured I'd get their help with some chores so they wouldn't be bored these last two days. What a nice Mom I am!!!

Ohh, swimming is on, gotta run....


Nat Red Knits said...

That scarf is looking great!!!! It would look good on me too. I like that color alot!!!!

See how you get to knit in relax mode and I have to knit at a frenzied pace... Now which one of us is the smarter one.

knittinwolf said...

The scarf is beautiful! You're doing a great job...yes lace is your thing! It gets addicting watching the Olympics...I've had it on all day! Love and hugs!

Dawn said...

Jeanne, you're a HUGE inspiration to us chickens out there! LOL! This is one weinie who KNOWS she's a weinie! hahahaha!! You go Girl! Did you get anything done yet???

Oh Dawn, is Jimmie watching the swimming?? Isn't Michael Phelps Awesome!? And Dara?? Makes me want to go jump in a pool!! Imagine! They burn so many calories they can eat whatever they want! Why couldn't my passion be sports instead of knitting?? hahhahaa!

knittinwolf said...

Phelps didn't come on till after 10pm last night...but OH YEAH we watched and cheered really loud! Think it has really inspired Jimmy! Dara is 41! Look how they are built! Dang! Would be nice to eat whatever you wanted and still look that good. I'm starting back tomorrow!:)

Anna said...

Scarf's looking great!! I missed most of the opening ceremonies. Well, at least the part I like when all the athletes walk in. We watched a lot of swimming, diving, and gymnastics this weekend, though.