Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm so spoiled, VERY spoiled, la-la-la

(Picture Heavy Post)

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I don't want birthdays to count anymore number-wise, but PRESENT-WISE, now that makes me happier than all get up. First, I tripped and fell off the "Stashdown" bandwagon (again!) and went to one of my LYS's yesterday. (We kind of celebrated yesterday, ran errands, went to Outback for dinner, and shopped till we dropped -technically, I WAS a day early, but no one remembered the bet, we were too full and tired.)
This particular LYS moved into a bigger location and carries a much wider assortment than the other one here in town (she's been open longer). Plus, even tho Ms. Owner isn't exactly the friendliest I've met, she remembers me even if I haven't been in for a year! -I KNOW the other YS lady never remembers me! I have to say: selection + remembering me as a customer = you'll probably get my $$. I almost hyperventilated on all the yarn fumes in there, it's a knitters paradise really. Miss C and I could've stayed in there all day (if we had more time & money!)

Then I finally got myself a new phone....LUV IT. AND I opened Miss Dawn's Box: Doesn't my phone look pretty with my card?? So..... "ME" (Both items!) LOL! Here are some of my goodies! I didn't realize I had the nail file underneath! But I LOVED everything she sent me!!! My Lamb magnet makes me smile big time! Look at that FACE!
She also sent me a jar of green olives stuffed with garlic!!! I laughed so hard! My daughter took a picture of me but if I showed that one no one would ever visit my blog again!
Yea, I looked pretty bad!
I bet you can guess what this is and what it's for??? I tried to get a closer up pic,
I need to try that again....

Wa-la!! My Ultimate Present in the World!!!!
(It Worked great to hide my face and fat.LOL!)
I kept it on for hours, after Miss C finally gave it back!!
I didn't want to take it off....ever. (I look tired, I AM tired!)

A thing of Beauty. A true Masterpiece.

Miss Dawn tried so hard to get me to make a shawl when she was making her first. I totally chickened out and abandoned her but she's way better at everything than I am! And I'm not ashamed to say being lame pays off!!!! See what happens????????? Magic!!! This is very inspiring though.... someday......check out her blog! She has more now!

Today is "recoup" day. I've gotten calls from Family, hugs from my girls, and chocolate cake from the Big Guy so I totally need a nap about now! Well, after my pastrami sandwich (Gee Dr, I don't know why my cholesterol is up?!) This "age" thing...oy.

All I need is a rocker! And more yarn.

Have a Happy August 2nd!!!!!!!


knittinwolf said...

Sounded like you had a wonderful day yesterday...did you have the thunder from down under???? Save me a bite!:) Thought you'd get a kick out of the olives! CA olives too! I remember the things you miss! So happy you like the shawl...looks gorgeous on you! Its hugs from me to you! Now you know why I haven't made socks! Someone keeping track of how many sock kits I'm behind...shame on you..hee hee! Have a wonderful day you lots!

Nat Red Knits said...

WOW!!! What an amazing gift!! KW that shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Happy Birthday, and oh, BTW we have already seen your face!

Dawn said...

Okay Dawn, you're so off the hook on the sock thing! LOL!!!! ;O)
You made my day pretty super special!!!!!

Jeanne!! I know!! But the less you see of me the better!! hahahahaha!! I don't want to scare you guys away!!! LOL!!

knittinwolf said...

So happy your day was special...I really prayed for you to feel good too! So excited you like the the colors and it looks sooooo pretty on you! So glad I'm off the hook about the socks...think another kit is supposed to come in a week...I needed a stash though...I have to catch up to you!:) I'm going to print the pic of you out and frame it!

Anna said...


What a gorgeous shawl!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed the Outback. I'm salivating just thinking about that place!! Hopefully we'll be going this weekend to celebrate hubby's first paycheck at the new job!