Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I don't know how this happened! It just showed up on my doorstep today.
The yarn is Knit Picks Essential Shiraz Tweed. I've been CRAVING some tweed. I have no idea what to do with it yet, but i HAD to have it. I know, what's new? that's why my stash is so um...large. I also HAD to have some Harmony straights. Yes, HAD to. Because.
The Knitpicks circs are because my CAT keeps chewing up the cords!!! I have to be a better steward of them and only knit inside of a bag I guess. It only takes her one second and "CHOMP!" Total bummer.
Off to rest, I have a migraine starting and just when I have all these toys to play with.
Oh, and Project Runway is coming on soon. I love that show.


Anna said...

I wish things just magically popped up on my doorstep. :P

Am I really the only person who hasn't tried Knit Picks yarn?? Do you like their yarns?

knittinwolf said...

Its so amazing how things pop into a shopping cart and then whalla end up being delivered right into your pretty little hands! So fun though!:) You're precious kitties wouldn't chew on your needles...must be the mice they haven't caught yet! Hee hee Sure hope the rest helped your migraine and that you're feeling better. Sending you big hugs!