Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I hit the wall...

I know all competitors go through this. Did my marathon knitting wear me out? No. I wish it was only that. This is what I've had on my needle for over a week. It hasn't budged.

There hasn't been any knitting going on. I've been having one of my "bad spells" as far as the pain and fatigue go. Add my usual migraines and endometriosis pain and I'm totally shot. I wish I didn't get these flare ups, but I have to live with it and TRY to make peace with myself at not being able to do all the things I want to do. The guilt really stinks.

I did go for a walk on Sunday and that was a BIG mistake, I was hurting bad with each and every step and pushed myself to go all the way around. I think I just prolonged the agony. I know people may think this is crazy, but whenever my Mom is having one of her own flare ups or bad times, I'm usually feeling just as crummy. We're always on the same plane as far as our health goes. Last week when I called her, we both could barely stay awake! At least we got a good laugh out of how we sounded!

Anna tagged me for a meme awhile back and I plan to do that soon!! I just haven't been able to think very clear lately. Don't give up on me Anna!!

The weather is completely cooperating with my pain and fatigue, it's been overcast, cloudy and rainy lately. We really needed this rain!! (Thanks Fay!) Our grass was looking pretty brown. Yesterday I had to pull myself out of bed to get the umbrella out and get to the corner to walk my daughter home from the bus stop. Silly me. Kids LOVE getting soaked. She just ran ahead of me! When will I realize these kids are growing up?? I used to walk home in the rain too, I didn't melt! It's just hard to realize they don't need you as much anymore.

Ok, Off to rest a bit more. (I can't even write a short blog post when I'm running on empty! Miss Big Mouth! )


knittinwolf said...

I knew something was up with you...hope you start to feeling better soon. Don't push it with the walks until you feel better!:) I'm one to talk huh? Wish we'd get some rain...don't think I remember what it looks like! Take and hugs

Nat Red Knits said...

I was getting ready to call you because you have been MIA!! I was glad to see you online again.

Your knitting project looks about as far as my socks. At least you don't have as many WIP's as I least not that your telling us about...LOL

Hope your feeling better soon...sometimes it sucks to be women!

Julianne said...

OMG...I was beginning to wonder what happened and was getting ready to email you. I know I have been MIA for awhile but what else is new right? But for you to be MIA was totally out of the ordinary. I hope you are feeling better silly...take it easy and don't over do it. I can't wait til we get rain....I love the fall. Well, school and work have me going crazy. Silly me took two P.E. classes back to back and boy am I hurting still from last week. I could barely walk to my Speech class on friday and to top it off, it's on the second floor so I had to walk up a flight of stairs...oh the agony....Tomorrow I go back and will start all over again. I didn't go Tuesday because my aunt had surgery so me, my mom and brother went to Sunnyvale and got home LATE last night. Okay, well enough about that. You take it easy and I LOVE YOUR is beautiful and looks so soft. I can't wait to pull mine out to use. I just love them and everyone is so envious of them because of course they are one of a kind made by my best friend....okay, love ya lots, ttyl....Julie

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for missing me ladies!!! I feel so lonely when I'm feeling that bad, I miss U guys too...I get so behind on everything!! :(

I wish I had something else on the needles, I've been looking at patterns lately, but can't find anything that jumps off the page at me! Even my usual "stand by" socks are still "standing by"! LOL!!


Anna said...

I hope you feel better soon! I was worried about you when you weren't around!! Take care of yourself! ((HUGS))