Friday, September 26, 2008

What a Mockery! & I Lost My Needles!

First, I'm talking about my socks of course!

Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock - Cool Colorway
Pattern: Mockery Socks
Size 1 needles (should've used size 0)
Eye of Partridge Heel
(These look really cool with the pattern carried all the way down the foot, but I got too lazy tired.)
These did come out too big and too loose. I forgot that I should always use size 0 needles with my Lorna's Laces. Sometimes I just operate on "Auto" and forget to edit for my needs. I'm not crazy about the stripes on these but they're done and "just socks", so I guess I can live with that. I was going to over-dye them, but "que sera sera"'s too short and I have so much to do.

This was my first time trying the Eye of Partridge heel and it's WAY TOO BIG for my ankles/heels. Maybe I'll try it again with a smaller needle someday. I think I prefer the regular heel flap better, it just feels snug and comfortable. These are SO saggy as you can see in the picture! Oy. The truth is, my heels and wrists are probably the only skinny places left on my body so I'm going to enjoy that while I can and do right by them!

Second -My Next Dilemma: I'm trying to work on some baby things now except I can't find the size 1 straights that I was using for the baby booties! I'm thinking they must've been thrown away by accident!! I Know! GASP!! I've looked everywhere and can't seem to locate them for the life of me...I usually only knit in one place - although I have several knitting bags around here, they aren't here. They just aren't. I keep hoping one will poke me in the behind sooner or later, but no such luck. Oh well....guess I'll have to place another order with Joanns.....



knittinwolf said...

Cool pattern on the the colors too! That stinks you can't find your needles! Love ya

Anna said...

I love those socks! I like that the stripes don't make the pattern disappear.

Sorry about your needles. :( I tend to lose mine in the couch.

Nat Red Knits said...

I like the socks too. I like the color just the way they are too. I find that Lornas shrink up a little bit so maybe they will be ok after you wash them??

Horror of horrors...I think there should be an inquisition over those needles. Shine the spotlight on the sofa... I think that is your culprit. NO ONE throws out knitting needles...even by accident. ( I think maybe you should report it to the police).

And what on earth are you all doing up at this hour??