Monday, September 29, 2008

One Baby Item Done! whew!

This isn't blocked yet as you can tell, but when I do wash and block it, I plan on being very careful about the whole "Cat Hair" dilemma. I plan on wrapping it up and sticking it in a zip loc bag ASAP once it's dry. I will try to get a better picture of it then, we can only hope right? I just depends on how paranoid I get as I see cat hair floating past my face....

"Snuggle Up"
Bernat Softee Baby in Pink
2 skeins (I bought a third but didn't need it after all)
Size H Crochet Hook
Leisure Arts Leaflet 3015 "Absolutely Gorgeous Baby Afghans"

This is the third or fourth one of these I've made over the years. It must be my favorite for little girls because I always go back to it. It doesn't come out big for "regular" use, but as a "snuggly" or "special occasion" blankie, it's just precious.

Funny, crocheting didn't come back as easy to me this time, I struggled with that darn treble cluster stitch and on a couple of other parts (evenly space x number of stitches between here and there! Ugh!). Of course I was working on it during the season starter of Dancing With the Stars, so that made it MUCH harder to concentrate. (I love Brooke & Rocco for this season). I did little modifications here and there, fudged some stitches here and there, and it still came out okay for a little chick-a-dee to drag around and wrap her dollies in. I hope little Ella Rose likes it.

Dawn sent me a meme called RIGHT NOW. Meaning you take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW. No make up, combing hair, changing clothes etc.'s me!

My daughter got her new CookingMama 2 Nintendo DS game for her birthday last weekend and used me as her first character!! She was so PROUD of how she created ME, and I thought it turned out looking JUST LIKE ME! (Aren't I cute!? Notice the crown??) Now if I could just really learn to cook from this game that would be so cool.

I'm gonna pass on passing this one along because I think Dawn sent it to the people I would've. Plus, it was too much of a shock to see what I really looked like in a recent photo. (The sleeping schedule thing with me is still all wonky and it SHOWS on my face big time). I'll spare anyone that trauma. But IF YOU WANT TO DO IT- GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!


knittinwolf said...

I sooooo love that baby blanket...its beautiful! I'll have to try that one sometime...dang I wish we were closer! We could knit/cro before we swim together! Big whine!:)

I think you cheated on the meme pic...Jeanne thinks I cheated...just got lucky with that one!:)

Whatcha going to work on now? I've still got two baby blankets to do and need to get them done before Dec. because its for twins. Next time I'm going to try a different this one I do but I can tell I'm bored from doing the other one and I have yet another to do. This must be a whine post I'm doing!

Just buying stuff for the fairy garden...need to have grass, fences, sprinklers...just have dirt..some trees planted that I water by hand each day. My back porch looks like a nursery because of all the stuff we're buying...but I keep it there till theres sprinklers so I don't have to drag a house around. It takes about 1.5 hours to water every morning but its so peaceful and relaxing. Won't like it too much in the winter though because my feet get soaked every day!

Great job doing your video...I know how hard it is to workout when you feel like just laying down. Big pats on the back!:)

Nat Red Knits said...

NO FAIR!!! That was a total cheat move... that one doesn't gotta do it again...ha-ha

Notice I'm the only one with racoon eyes and fuzzy hair...what's up with that?

The baby blanket turned out beautiful ( as if we would make ugly things...LOL)Good luck with the cat hair.

Dawn said...

Okay, I admit it, I'm a cheater! LOL! But if you guys had seen the picture of me that my daughter took, you'd hit the close screen button so fast you'd be dizzy!

Seriously, the lousy sleep schedule has me looking SO haggard...I look as bad as I feel lately! :(

Lee said...

Just gorgeous! It makes me want to pick up a crochet hook again (been so long - I probably have to learn the stitches all over again).

Catch some sleep and feel good about yourself - your daughter obviously thinks you're something special!

Dawn said...

Thank U Lee!!! Your post made my day! I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting! What a sweetie you are! :)

I know what you mean, crocheting takes a whole other mindset for me when it's been awhile and I have to look up even the simple stitches to start over - then it's like riding a bike! WHeeee! ;O) Do you blog?

Anna said...

What a gorgeous blanket!!! I love that pattern. It makes me wish I knew how to crochet RIGHT NOW!