Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When it pours...

Is it "Opposite Week" or what? Cause my lovely week has been totally sucky. I accidently was overdrawn 90 cents (gotta confiscate the big guys debit card) and my bank charged me $35.00. (Yes, we have $$ sitting in other accounts with them, they just suck big time-can you tell I'm a lit-tle bit miffed???). Our upstairs air conditioner broke down AGAIN (every summer/winter like clock work -another $80+ bill). And Yay! It's fundraiser time at school again! Yippee!

Oh yeah, we're also going to have another gasoline shortage again in the coming days/weeks to add to our stress. We just got through one last weekend and already prices are going back up and pumps are getting covered up again. I can't believe how wonderful things are going, what DID I do to deserve all this joy? I know, things could be a LOT worse, but when you're already feeling the pinch of stress, it doesn't take much to push you over the edge. I just want to crawl under the covers and not come out for a bit.

So leave it to Miss Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) to cheer me up by bestowing this to me:

A blog award!! Thanks Anna!! I needed this upper and HOW!!! You don't even know!

Here are the rules:

If you've already received the award, great! That means you really, really deserve it! And feel free to pass it on again!

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs

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5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Let's see, I nominate:

Dawn (KnittinWolf)

Jeanne (NatRedKnits)

Julie (Julieanne's What's Up Page!)

Anna (again cause she's so cool!)

Cass (Shut Up I'm Counting)<

Kay (From The Back Yard)

Ariel (Ariel's Knitting)

I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment much (bad blogger-bad bad) so I'm going to be brave and pass it on anyway. I REALLY love nice comments so I have to work on that.


knittinwolf said...

Very cool award...thank you's!:) I meme you on my blog...hee hee. More sucky for you to add to your week! I hate weeks like that when everything turns to crap! Remember though that we all love you and theres a light at the end of the tunnel and its not a train!:)

Ariel said...

Thanks for the award!! I've messed up and done the same thing. My bank charges $30 and sucks it from another account. UGH!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Girls! I hate to be a ranter or a downer, but man was I ticked today! LOL! I'm over it now (I think).


Anna said...

I'm so sorry you've been under all that stress. ((HUGS)) I'm glad I made it better just a teensy bit.

And thanks for passing the award back! That means a lot! :)

Keep your head up, think about everyone who loves you, and remember that you know where to find me if you ever want to talk.

Nat Red Knits said...

YIKES! You did have a sucky week. Thank you for passing your pick me up on to me!

Don't you love when the bank charges you more of what you don't have??? That happened to me too when I first moved... and it snowballs...damn those ACH's. I turned off all my automatic bill pays to make sure I would not forget about them again after the heafty fines I received.

Dawn said...

Thanks Anna & Jeanne! You gals rock in making me feel better! I knew I'd get a dose of cheer from you all.