Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super Commenter Award!

I'm very proud to accept the Super Commenter Award that Anna passed on to me!

Anna is one of my first ever blogger buddies like Dawn and Jeanne, so we've built a friendship out of those "beginning" comments that means a lot. I'm rather on the shy side most of the time, I read a lot of blogs, but often get too shy and chicken out about commenting. I should though, I know I REALLY enjoy reading new comments when I get them! I Gotta get over that shyness!!

So here's to all of us who make each other's day a whole lot brighter by simply taking the time to let someone know you enjoy them! I promise to do better at letting other people know as well!

I pass this award along to Dawn (Knittinwolf) for sure, Jeanne at Nat Red Knits (LUV your new blog look Jeanne!) and my BF Julie too! Anna would've gotten it for sure if she hadn't passed it to me! LOL!!

It's a nice rainy day today, the perfect day for knitting. Yet Mr. Sock doesn't seem to be growing very much...I'm trying, I really am. (My Noro Scarf is in limbo land as well.) We've had rain off and on since last night and it's been very refreshing! I had wanted to do some shopping today on the other side of town but since that meant having to take the interstate on wet roads with nutty, crazy drivers - ah, I chose to stay home. Sometimes I do have some smarts!

Onto other good news: We've done it ladies....pulled Julie into the knitting vortex.....she's not only knitting, she's kind of "free-form" knitting!! I don't think she's ever used patterns in her crocheting either come to think of it....! Ms. Fiber Ar-teest! I know she's very limited on her free time (2+ jobs, school, family!) and her blogging is kind of spaced out here and there too but she's allowed that due to her shedule, so I'm proud to know she's on her way to someday relaxing and knitting up a storm!!!! Gooooo Julie!!!!

Now I must go grab a tissue...I'm just SO proud.....

(Someday there will be knitting to share again on this blog....I can imagine it so clearly! LOL!)


knittinwolf said...

knitting on a blog? what's that? Congrats on your award...of course we get the chatty award!:) Thanks a bunch! I've gotta go shopping tomorrow too and pack and get the trailer ready for Thursday. Fun in the sun time (hopefully not cold and overcast!)

Nat Red Knits said...

I gratefully accept the chatty award;)

Sometimes ya just have to take a knitting pause. The weather has been chilly here so I am itching to make winter wear now.

Anna said...

Dawn, you definitely deserve the award! I appreciate all of your comments, and I'm glad we've gotten to know each other a bit!

Free-form knitting...the idea alone scares me! But go Julie!!