Tuesday, September 2, 2008

19 Years of Marriage Today

He was so romantic, I could not resist.
Someday my Prince will come
Someday we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know
"Once there was a Princess...and she fell in love...Anyone could see that the Prince was charming, the only one for me...There's nobody like him, anywhere at all."

My Prince Did come....and He Stayed even after getting to know me!
I'm very lucky and blessed.
Here's to many more years Richard. Thanks for being the Best Man you can be,
for me, and our family. You still make me happy after all these years.
Luv & Smooches, Always.


Anna said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Anything special planned??

knittinwolf said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more wonderful years with your prince! Congratulations on having a wonderful marriage...may all your dreams come true! love and hugs

Nat Red Knits said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! 19 years- You are both so lucky to have each other!!

Dawn said...

Thank U Ladies!! ;O)

We're laying low today, the girls are at school and we plan on a trip to Nashville soon (leaving them with the Gparents!) to eat and shop (there are several yarn shops along the way...). That will be our celebration!

It's a gorgeous day today tho...brings back lots of memories! :):)