Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gretel #2

She's done!

Caron Simply Soft Heathers in Gray
Size 4 needle for the ribbing
Size 7 for the rest
Regular Size

I used my cable needle this time instead of working it without one. To be honest, it just "flows" better for me WITH it than without it. I don't dig cabling without a cable needle for some reason. (Probably because this works cables back/front in same rows at times. It took me more time to look up the directions again and again for each than to just use my needle.)

It wasn't blocked in these pictures. I washed it tonight in All Clear since my cousin is very allergic to detergents, then stuck it in a plastic bag (loosely) to finish blocking on a plate since she's also very allergic to cat dander. (And that's ALL over my house!) I'm praying that it's okay for her and I'm going to tell her to wash it herself when she gets it to make sure no stray kitty hairs are on it. I don't want to be the cause of a bad reaction! Gulp!

Again, I have to say I love knitting this pattern, it's fast & really fun to make. This is actually my third one but #2 was made out of Red Heart Soft in a pretty purple color and came out too snug, (I was experimenting with needle sizes) and too "shaggy-fuzzy-frizzy-pilly" (eww!) It's buried somewhere around here....

Today was spent clothes shopping for my girls, cleaning (blah), laundry (blah blah), and cooking, so no fibery things were worked on (yet!-that baby blanket is bugging me). The seasons are changing around here slowly but surely, so my girls were hinting lately that the need for longer pants was arising. It feels like school just started and we just finished clothes shopping for capri's and shorts...where does the time go?

It's slowly been getting darker a little earlier each day and the terrible heat & humidity went bye-bye a couple of days after Hurricane Ike passed by (whew!). Can you see autumn? I sure can. The "sunshine" during the day has a whole different look and glow to me. Amazing.

Here's an early"Happy Autumn" to everyone.


knittinwolf said...

I love fall! Went to Bath and Bodyworks and got Sweet Cinn Pumpkin lotion and handsoap and room spray oh my!:) Oooh and yesterday Frosted Pumpkin candle and a Spiced Pumpkin candle! Whoohoo!

Love that Gretel hat...I really need to make that one of these years!

Cleaned out trailer today (blah) laundry (blah blah)...still need to iron but thats not happening today!:) No knitting/crocheting going on here time!

love ya

Dawn said...

Are you sure you aren't Cinderella with your pumpkin fettish? LOL!! J/k! ;O) I wish I had your nose!! Mine rebels against most scents or odors unfortunately! :O(

Iron? Oops, must confess I never use our iron! I'm not even sure how to use the one we have now. It's an automatic one that isn't on when I need it and IS on when I don't! Grrrr. :O/

Nat Red Knits said...

I love that hat! That looks like some adventurous knitting to me girlfriend. Definately bigger than a sock ;)

Fall is my absoloute favorite season! I hate the heat, probably thanks to my Celtic heritage. Shorts and a sweatshirt - my favorite attire.

Iron???? isn't that what the dry cleaners are for?? LOL
I bet both of you get to hang laundry out o the line don't you.

Dawn said...

I would LOVE to be able to hang some stuff out for that fresh smell, but our back yard smells like a major dog kennel thanks to the 3 male dogs next door using the fence to sprinkle on! :( Not in a million years now! ;O)

They've banned those contraptions in sub-divisions tho! LOL!! I remember that was in the HA rules. I wonder if people will go back to it more with all the energy conservation stuff going on...hmmmm

Heck I don't even use the dry cleaners! If it can't be thrown in the washer & dryer then it isn't in my house! LOL!!

Anna said...

I love fall, but it's hard to say goodbye to the warm weather.

Love the hat! Very pretty!

And you'll never believe this...I actually knit this weekend! I started a sweater for my daughter, and I finished half of a sleeve. Hey, it's something, right?

Anna said...

I gave you an award at my blog! ;)