Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm still here Jeanne! :)

Jeanne was getting worried about me hiding under my rock again! (It's so nice to be missed by my knitting buddies!) Sometimes the days just go by quicker than I can get my fingers to knit and I'm pretty boring without anything to show! (Next Installment on the Mystery KAL is Nov 6th!) On the excitement scale of life, I'm on the laid-back end, resting nicely in the "idle" position. Sigh.

I'm having my usual pre-hormonal times. All of sudden my hands won't work as well, my mind goes kind of devoid of all organization, and frankly I'm not sure I even know what day it is! It'd be kind of sad if it wasn't so funny!! I guess we all have those kinds of days! ???

Funny Mishap #1: here's one of my knitting bags that just happened to be sitting on the floor by the bed AND the slightly cluttered nightstand.

Well, I had one of those premonitions: - "oh no, that's gonna spill" - a major clarity moment right before it happened. And yes, half a cup of Diet Cherry Pepsi spilled right into the bag. Right on top of my two Mystery Berets in progress and on some other yarn I had in there. (This pic is the bag sitting by the window the day after the calamity.) As soon as it happened (in s -l- o- w motion) I immediately dumped everything out on the CARPET (yes, YARN is more important) and grabbed several towels to sop up the Pepsi. Thank goodness it didn't have time to sink in more. My yarn doesn't feel sticky or anything, but I can't wait to WASH it when I'm done knitting it up. Just to feel better about things and all.

Mishap #2: Well, not really a mishap, just more brain crushing tech stuff that TOOK ALL DAY so I couldn't knit even if I wanted to! - I had to install the new router SOMEONE bought (that we really didn't NEED but HE wanted installed because his X-Box online games were glitching), and it caused me so much frustration that I couldn't even look at him without feeling like I wanted to slap him upside the head. It's not hard to set these things up, but now my wireless printer is messed up -I've tried everything possible to fix it- BELIEVE ME! I can still use it as a "regular" printer on my desktop but having the ease of using it from the laptop was heaven. I'm gonna miss that.

Have you ever banged something on the table (any hard surface will do) because you JUST-KNOW-IT-SHOULD-WORK-AND-IT-WON'T?? It still didn't. He seriouly owes me some yarn for this....

See Jeanne!!?? Sometimes it's a good thing I'm MIA! LOL!!!


knittinwolf said...

Uh oh...someone needs to turn that frown upside down! :)
Drink water instead of pepsi then you won't have that problem if it spills! :) Of course it couldn't have just spilled on the carpet instead of on the knitting! Never fails!
I don't mess with anything electronic...because for one it'd get thrown out the window! If something doesn't work I get really grouchy and call James...fix don't care if you're at work..I need to get online to see my blog! hee hee For some reason he hates to get those calls..he usually thinks I've had some kind of sugar. Sugar instantly makes me raggy!
Can't wait for the next installment of the beret! Have you seen all my wips? This is not like me! I think I just like all those little progress bars it keeps making...they're so cool! I need a weight loss one, that would spur me on and keep me from eating the cookies I make! NOT!
Glad you blogged! I'm trying to do more of it...its really hard to think of things, which shouldn't be a problem cuz look how I'm blabbing on and on, on this post! :) hugs

Dawn said...

LOL! This Someone needs menopause to start! ;O) I know, I know, I do drink water but also enjoy my Cherry Pepsi too much! Bad Grrl!

It's so funny, I've always had a knack for working with electronics and stuff, but UGH! This router about drove me nuts! It SHOULD work fine but I noticed on their site that they want you to buy THEIR adapter (the router) for your printer! It's always about $$! Grrrr

Yep, you're Miss WIP!! I love that scarf! I gotta check that out more!
I wish I could blog as much as you do, I really enjoy the frequent posts! My posts are too long! I gotta work on that! :P

Nat Red Knits said...

LMAO!!! Dawn it sounds like tyou were having a Jeanne day!!! Dawn is right, drink water. For me that would have been coffee and with my luck it probably would have started to felt...LOL

You can call that a new method of over dying.

I am sitting here stuffing my face full of fresh salsa and trying not to spew it from my mouth as I read.
(breakfast and lunch in one go)

That peri-menepausal crap is for the birds isn't. Darn Eve and her apple!

Anna said...

Sorry about your yarn! And I know that feeling about wanting to slap a certain male member of my family. You're not alone in that! (((HUGS)))

Diary of an Eccentric

Dawn said...

Thanks Anna & Jeanne! :)

It was a really rough day but Thank Goodness it ended! LOL!!!

I noticed the next time I picked up my beret my yarn was okay but my needles were STICKY big time! hahaha!! Even my stitch markers on the beret were all icky sticky too. I guess that's a good reason to switch to only water upstairs! ;O)

The Big Guy is still in the dog house. That particular router won't work at all with multifunctional printers...grrrrrr
Like I really want to take it off and return it after all that crap...double grrrrrr