Monday, November 17, 2008

Where's the Beret?

Ah...'s in hibernation. Just waiting ever so patiently! I know, it should be DONE by now. The final clue was given on November 13th but I haven't picked it back up since around the 7th. I feel very fickle for being so gung-ho about it and then fizzling out on the home stretch. I do LOVE it, I just haven't gotten back to it - but I plan to. Soon.

I did get a couple of magazines to thumb through and drool over so that's always a good thing.

Of course, I forgot my 40% off coupon for Joann's at home on the kitchen counter after holding onto it ALL week for that savings. That's how things go for me sometimes. Forget about them cutting you some slack and just scanning an extra one there at the store. Oh Noooo, it ain't gonna happen no matter how pathetic you look or sound (and I tried really hard!). JC Penney's does that for me, so I guess I get spoiled by GOOD customer service. Come to think of it though, I don't think any of them will (Michael's, AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby). I was very disappointed in their selection of yarns and beads. They seem to be down-sizing more and more every time I visit there. That's a shame. I KNOW us knitters/crafters are STILL doing our thing, why does big business think we've disappeared???

I also felt about as big as an ant when I said I needed a bag for my purchase at one of my LYS's. Firstly, I hadn't planned on stopping in there, secondly, I can barely remember what I did yesterday much less that she mentioned something awhile back in an email newsletter about some bag policy she'd be working on (Do you remember every single thing you read?). Thirdly, I bought the yarn to possibly whip something up for Hubby for Christmas so of course I didn't want him to see it, hence the need for the bag since he was waiting in the car. The look on the owners face when I said I did need a bag (and I apologized profusely) about floored me. I was put in the "Customer Hall of Shame" I'm pretty sure. My picture is probably up on the wall with a big red circle/slash on it saying "Can you believe she took a bag?". Well, I won't be spending my yarn dollars there anymore. It's just another thing added to my list of reasons not to patronize her shop. As it is I barely go now because of things that have bugged me in the past so it's not any big loss. Luckily I have many other choices around here. Maybe I should mail the bag back to her...

I also ventured into "Router Hell" again this weekend. With our old router, I could use my wireless printer just fine, but the Xbox 360 would glitch. So we bought a different kind. Xbox worked fantastic for online gaming, but wireless printer is a no-go and I don't discover that until many hours later and after googleling info on my printer. This weekend we bought yet another router and Yay! My printer works again - but Xbox is still glitching. What would you do? Give up your wireless printing capabilites for his gaming pleasure? Or get two routers and switch them out? Or let him live with glitches??? Why can't things just be easy? Is this some big cosmic joke? Or maybe Bill Gates and others are sitting there laughing their booty's off while people go insane trying to get things to be compatible? I wonder....

The Big Guy knows how to cheer me up though. 2 more lbs of . All is better.

Gotta go, the chocolate fumes are overtaking me.


Ariel said...

Sees........ yummmmmmmmmmm

knittinwolf said...

My Beret must have gone where yours did!:) I want to do it but am sooo busy...I really need to get this scarf the high school kid brought me 6 more hat orders...I have almost made enough to get a new Namaste bag!:) He's also going to start a knitting group at school! How cool is that!

2lbs....shame shame shame :) but oh soooooo goood!

I'd take her, her dang bag back and tell her to stick it where...turn the tables and make her fell like the ant! Whats the big deal about a bag anyways? I still get bags at Walmart...they're my poop picker uppers....ha ha you could send it back to her used!:) Boy am I in a mood!

Nat Red Knits said...

OMG Dawn I am rollin on the floor! Obviously your LYS is trying be green. I try to remember to take my shopping bags with me but I get funny looks when I say "no bag".

I totally agree with you about the big box stores. I swear they are down sizing. Wal-mart is practically non-exsistant now and Hobby Lobby is even down sizing. It is B-S!!

Anna said...

Chocolate always makes things better!

I can't believe it's so awful to ask for a bag! I mean, what if you had a ton of stuff? I've never been able to find any good yarn at the Michaels and Joann's around here. Good thing I don't go shopping for yarn often.

Speaking of yarn, you'll never believe this...I've actually been knitting again! Not a lot, but more than I have been. Yippee!