Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mystery Beret KAL Update

The first Mystery Beret I started in Lorna's Laces Black Purl (Worsted) ended up in the "Frog Pond". I made so many mistakes on it I just lost heart and yanked that sucker out! I may try again someday with this yarn because TODAY the last installment is up and the finished pattern is so pretty.
As usual, I just realized I'm behind!! I didn't catch the day the second installment came out (the 6th) and of course today I just came across it being the last day! I need a big giganti-normous calendar right in front of my face because I haven't got a clue most days!
This one is made of Dream In Color's Classy (Worsted). If you've never tried DIC yarns, you'll absolutely fall in love. I know I have. When you wash this up (It's superwash, I throw it in the washing machine) it turns out so soft and lovely, you wouldn't be disappointed. I guess I better go get busy and try to finish it today! BTW, this colorway is a lot darker than in the pic, my camera is still trying to tell me I'll never master it's supremacy.


Anna said...

Ooh...I'll have to try that Dream In Color yarn. I love the color (or at least the way it looks on my computer)!

Hope everything's going well with you. Sorry I haven't emailed. I've been swamped. ((HUGS))

Diary of an Eccentric

knittinwolf said...

Love both of the colors you chose! I haven't worked with classy yet...I'll have to cuz I love the smooshy! Gonna be a downer day (see blog) for me and probably won't work on the beret...gonna just try to get through with school today. Love and hugs!

Dawn said...

Oh Anna, I'm so happy you're still around, especially because I KNOW you're so super busy now! I can just see your house insulated with all those books!! I love your reviews and keep crossing my fingers that you'll pull my name out of the hat one day to win one!
I know you're busy so just seeing you post here makes my day!!! ;O)

Dawn, my heart is with you, I know it's a very tough day. Andrea is always with you, just remember that K?

(((Hugs to you gals)))

Nat Red Knits said...

I love them both!! I suppose one must be for me right? Hint hint...LOL

You got a heck of alot more done than I did.