Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mystery Beret KAL Update #2

My Meret is done and she's being blocked right now.
I finally finished it while watching Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night and it was so easy to follow the instructions even while watching TV. Did I mention I love this pattern? I think I did in a prior post but it's so worth repeating. Easy but FUN! I'll be looking for more projects like it in the future.
Both of these pictures aren't quite accurate in the colorway department. It's actually darker and not quite as pink as my camera represents here. I'll post the specs on it when it's dry (and maybe I can get one of the girls to model it for me).
I don't know, it just feels good to get something done. Besides cleaning house for company that never shows up, I feel like I'm going in circles. Off to find a pattern to work up a scarf or hat for The Big Guy for Christmas. Happy Knitting.


knittinwolf said...

You've got to be the model! We need to model them together and take a pic! We'll both model our hats and photoshop us together! hee hee! Since I'm done with the scarf for tomorrows movie TWILIGHT I'll have to work on this! We all have a sinus/cold thing going on but by golly jeepeers we're going to see that movie tomorrow! What pattern are you doing for Richard? Very cool!

Gotta go change beds/make it so I can lay down for a nappy!

Dawn said...

You're so funny! Wouldn't that be cool?? I'll see how it looks on me, remember I didn't do GAUGE so who knows if this will fit me or anyone! hahaha!!

Oh man! I hope you guys get over that cold. I've had terrible allergies and have been sneezing all over my laptop and knitting for days now! (EWWWWW!) Jess just came down with a cold/sinus thing too, I hope she gets over it quick. She's like her Dad, nothing keeps her home, she still went to school today but I'm going to sit on her and make her stay home tomorrow!

I'm still trying to decide what pattern to do for Richard! I have a DK weight tweedy yarn in a Dk. Brown. What do you think???

Get BETTER and take it easy! Are you going to the theater tomorrow for that movie?? I know nothing can keep you away NOW!! LOL!!! (((Hugs!)))

knittinwolf said...

Tweedy dark brown sounds great! Can't wait to see...he doesn't read your blog?

Our merets better fit or its all your fault!:)

Nothing will keep me from the movie!:)

Clorox wipes work wonders on keyboards, mouses, laptops...ewww and you say I'm gross!

Doesn't look like Jimmy'll be doing the swim meet this weekend...just called his coach to let him know were not going to go. He doesn't feel bad but doesn't feel good, just blah and a little whoozy. Tis the season...

Nat Red Knits said...

I think Dawn has a great idea!! YOU model them!! Since you cheated on your "right now" picture I think it only fair you be the model for your hats.

This should be a stitch with the two of you in one shot with three hats ;)

Julianne said...

Hey you, I know, I have been so busy but I do keep up with your blog. I check it daily. I enjoy reading it. I always say I am going to try to do better at mine. But well, you know how that goes...hahaaha...Well I went to see Twilight and OMG....I loved it. Me and my niece went and she is hooked too....she informed me that Edward is hers...not mine anymore...Oh well, she is young...hahahaha...I love the color that you used for your beret..I want to try to make me one. Where did you get the pattern from? Well, hugs and kisses and as usual I will try to be better blogging and ya lots...YBF

Anna said...

Beautiful! I love the colors!