Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone got lots of candy! My girls made out pretty good. One of our local malls has Trick or Treating there. All the stores give out candy and we get a good walk out of it! We've done it for a few years and really enjoy that it's inside and safe (and warm usually, but this year that wasn't a problem since it felt pretty good outside!) Plus we can eat at the food court beforehand, (always a plus when you're trying to get kids shuffled around!)

I got to steal away and get some Christmas shopping done! That in itself was a big relief for me, I hate being behind on things and just started to feel anxious thinking of how busy it's going to be VERY soon. I know some people love that thrill of finding things the closer the holiday is, but I just can't take the stress. I'm a weinie I guess. That's one shopping gene I just don't possess.

I had Knitting Nite with some new people last night. It was fun and we're hoping to get on a more regular schedule so I'm jazzed about that. I'm a bit of a talker though (being a SAHM makes that a given) so I sure hope I don't scare anyone away. When it comes to knitting, I just can't hear enough about how you learned, what you like to make, where you buy your yarn, etc! Past SnB groups I've tried to get going just fizzled out. I felt like I was the only one who thought knitting had a social aspect to it but I guess some people just want to go to knit! Anyway, we're excited and they seem like a fun group!

I bought more yarn *sigh*. I saw some Lorna's Laces on Ebay and also some Cherry Tree Hill I think. I promise next year will be my Stash busting year. (I hope). That's my plan at least! It's always good to have goals!!

I'm off to finish another sock, I'm working on a pattern called Lesley's Socks that I saw on Ravelry. They're going to be gifted so I'm going to have to post pictures later. I'm also waiting on my Dream in Color to finish up one of my Baby Tulip Sweaters too. I just love that pattern! I can't wait to start the second one I got! It truly is an "addictive" knit, you want to make a million of em!

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