Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The work has begun...

Okay, I'm not going to go crazy trying to get pictures of all my stash for Ravelry, I don't have the room on Flickr (or the time to do it all!), and I'm too cheap to pay $25.00 a year for the space that I'd need for it there. I'm just going to list it to SHOCK myself into seeing how much I truly have. (I think in the future I'll just get pics of my sock yarn so that I'll have something to drool over and say "hey! That's already MINE!". I know, I need help. )

Since the "RESET" thing didn't work for me (I STILL couldn't sleep worth beans ...) I thought tonight I'd do something constructive like at least 'start' to input data. All I entered was what was already in the bedroom from recent purchases and also from ideas to start new things. This isn't even entering the closet where all the rest of my stash is and I think I was already up to 20 items. (gulp)

Well, it's a beginning, and it's for a reason that I'm doing this. And then The Big Guy offers to take me by The Yarn Patch in Crossville on the way to his folks this weekend! How can I do this if he TEMPTS me so!???? I have a little left on my gift card so techincally that should count for last year right????? Anybody on my side on that one??? Maybe I won't get yarn, I'll just a book or notions....yea....that's a great idea!

Can't wait for Saturday!


Anna said...

That stash inventory page on Ravelry is so bad. Useful, but bad. Because then you see how much yarn you actually have, and might make you feel a smidge guilty the next time you go to the yarn store. (Notice the use of the words "might" and "smidge" LOL)

knittinwolf said... was R's idea right so...don't want to hurt his feelings and not go to the store...then you have to buy something because it'd be a wasted trip if you didn't...:) I'm the queen of justification! Shoot really thought resetting your clocks would work. Get to a doctor girlie! hugs

Nat Red Knits said...

I refuse to catolog my stash until it is down to a non-embarrassing amount. I vowed only to upload my "newly purchased" on Ravelry.

I did organized my stash, sorta last year. That was when I got down and dirty with the stash busting, When I realized how much I actually had.
You might find some inspiration when you locate something you forgot you had.