Monday, January 14, 2008

Look Anna! A Jaywalker!!

Granted, not a very "good" Jaywalker, and yes,..... only ONE, (but at least I tried). I made a ton of mistakes, this pair was doomed from the beginning.

First, the sock is too big. I used my size 1's on the bigger size since reading up on this sock revealed that they tend to be a bit snug (and I'm a very tight knitter). Anna said she uses size 2's on the smaller size I'm pretty sure, so I thought I'd be safe.

Second, I had the labels for this yarn, (could SWEAR I saw them when I was straightening out the stash to put on Ravelry), but then couldn't find them for the life of me to compare dye lots. This is some Lorna's Laces in Somerset that I had gotten ages ago. (doesn't this remind you of the sock yarn I sent you Dawn?) After finishing the first sock and starting the second I realized these dye lots looked way off. I just couldn't proceed with that much of a disparity. It went against my knitting mojo and was feeling so... wrong. I'll use the other ball to make some mitts or something. I should frog this sock too. For now I'm just petting it. Even if LL's doesn't match, it's so soft....

What's funny is I really like the pattern for the leg portion. I may just do that next time and not try to work it down the instep.

AND...(drumroll please) I DID manage to do my first "fearless" knitting thing this new year:

I "kitchener-ed" my first toe. I'm proud of myself (thanks YouTube) but have to say this isn't a very attractive toe to me. I think that's why I never wanted to use this method. I have small feet and pointy toes. This looks so square to me and really widens that area. I'll have to experiement with other toes, this got me excited to at least try.

Other than that we've just been busy with the girls. Miss C is cheering again. We enjoy the games and she loves jumping around.

Saw my Dr tody and I'm going to try Lyrica to hopefully help with my pain & sleep issues. Oh, and I better try to stop eating so many sweets. My weight went up again and I'm so bummed. Not that I was trying to lose any (even tho I should). I just hate not being 20 anymore and being able to skip lunch and lose 5 pounds. (Although I need to lose a LOT more than 5, it's just the principal of the thing). I have to work on that this year...that and exercising a tiny bit. I need to knit AND walk some "miles". A stash and fat diet. fun.


knittinwolf said...

That yarn is so like what you sent me! Jaywalkers are in my pile of to do's too! Sure hope the Lyrica helps!

msrhonda66 said...

Hi gurlfrin,
I just added u 2 my email, so I know when u post-cool huh! Most of it I can't relate to, but I love the kids pics & pics of all the beautiful things you've made. If you posted scrapbooking hints then that would help me.
hee hee I am gonna look up lyrica & see what it all about.

msrhonda66 said...

how do i add u as a friend? I forgot? I haven't used this thing for a couple of yrs. now. I just chkd out Julie's page-cool banner. See if you can access my new blog from my page. A friend said it was locked?

Anna said...

I can't believe I'm in the post title! LOL

If it's any consolation, I didn't notice the mistakes in the picture. And the toe looks great!

You're right, I do use size 2's on the smallest size and have never had a problem. Oh, and the pair I'm knitting right now, I made tons of mistakes and had to unknit and start again a bunch of times. If my friend wasn't patiently waiting for them (I mean, they were her Christmas gift for crying out loud!) I'd have tossed them to the side and let them stew for awhile.

I hope you'll finish up the pair. I really like the colors!

Nat Red Knits said...

I think the sock looks great, maybe it will wash up to fit nicely. Your toe is perfect, what kind of toe do you normally do? You could always take it down to fewer stitches and then it won't be so wide. I like mine wider- I have a fatty foot.

I understand about your mojo tho, I felt the same way when mine did not match.