Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wow! Is all I can say...

The stash inventory project isn't turning out to be so much fun after all. Yes, it's helpful "to know what you have", but obviously you must face what you have. Actually, it's kind of gotten me down a bit! (The not sleeping thing isn't helping either). I didn't think it would take so long to input without photos (I'm not done yet) and I'm truly shocked at how much I forgot I had! I guess I've been a tad bit more impulsive than I thought! It's time to find patterns for some of this and to knit me a boatload of socks! For sure I'll be shopping my own Stash this next year. No excuses! (I think).

We finally got away from warm weather and got a TEENY TINY amount of white stuff. Think I'm kidding? Look, isn't this funny? At least it feels more like winter at 20 degrees.

The skimpy amount still doesn't stop them from throwing what little there is at each other:

Sasha says "Mom, get these kids away from me!!!!"

Okay, I'm going to dive back into my closet and try to work on the cabinet I didn't finish last night. I'm past 100 items already and I have one more cabinet and some cubby holes to go yet. They're more novelty stuff, I may postpone that....yes, I think I will, I totally need a nap.

A tribute to my Friend Elizabeth:

My friend and co-worker passed on December 23rd after a long battle with Ovarian/Cervical Cancer. She had a sense of humor that was legendary. We'd all be in tears with our sides splitting when she'd tell one of her stories, she was so much fun. We shall miss her, and her spirit, but know she's got them rolling in Heaven as well. God Keep you and may you rejoice in Heaven. I'm so sad to know you're gone, but so happy that you have no more pain. God Bless and watch over us Liz. And give my Grandparents a big hug!!

**There are many Ovarian Foundations out there, I posted this one since I didn't know that January was Cervical Health Awareness Month. I thought it was fitting to let us all remember how important Women's Health issues are and how we need to get screened for things.

Remember, take the time to Take care of YOU!


knittinwolf said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I lost my best friend last year to was so hard not to have her to call and just yak too...thats why I'm so grateful for you. I really feel a connection that I haven't felt in a long time.

Wow, you're really stash busting! Are you going to sell it too on ravelry? Let me know how your appt. goes and pray you get some rest.

Love ya lots!

Anna said...

So sorry about your friend. Your mentioning of Cervical Health Awareness Month has prompted me to make my yearly physical appointment.

I know what you mean about facing your stash. I put mine on Ravelry, and thought I was done with it. Then, unpacking the closet with the Christmas decorations, I found a box of yarn I didn't know was in there. Haven't gotten around to inputting those skeins yet.

(I answered your question about the Jaywalkers in the comments on my blog. Feel free to email me if you have more questions!)

Nat Red Knits said...

I am so sorry to read about your friend. Cancer is so horrible, my own mother died of breast cancer and my brother of colon cancer. My heart goes out to you habd Liz's family.