Monday, January 21, 2008

Is anybody as COLD as I am?

Man has it been chilly here!!!! For ME to turn up the heat, we KNOW it has to be cold ! I'm the warmest blooded person in the house. My electric blanket is up on HIGH and I'm still trying to defrost my toes! Woe is me!

I'm sorry to be MIA for a bit there, I was working on trying to take some of my meds at the same time to see if they'd help me sleep and I didn't help matters much!

Thursday I was barely conscious at my Knit Nite. My hubby took me (I knew I was too tired to drive) and we ate at Panera, then I stayed for a bit with the ladies while he went to run some errands with the girls. I put my knitting down probably 5 times wondering where he was and why he was taking so long to come get me! I had fun, I just don't remember much of it !
After he came and got me I couldn't believe I had only been there for about an hour! I was gobblesmacked! Usually I can sit there and jabber and knit until almost closing! I was so out of it!

Friday.... hmmmm, don't remember much of Friday. Saturday was Miss C's game at 4 pm and I barely stayed awake for that. We went out to eat after and I almost fell asleep in my French Dip!! I can't tell you how tired I've been.

Knitting??? Yes. Screwing up??? Of course! I seamed this up before I realized that I was doing it with the wrong sides facing! Then.... I did it wrong AGAIN! See:

Knitters who don't sleep = errors big time (repeatedly). Reading Yarn Harlot's blog entry about her Leaf socks made me feel so much better. Bad things can happen to really awesome knitters too. Life is just that way! Too funny.

This is a little bag made out of some Glisten from Louisa Harding I think. I'll have to find the label. I even made the twisted cord and tried to get it in weaved in to "cinch" the bag like in the pattern book and I can't for the life of me get it right. I yanked them out and decided to see if you gals can help me. I'll find a pic of the purse soon to show you how they have it. I know you put them in opposite directions but I'm lost after that. I can cinch it, it just doesn't look how the book makes it look. I'm screwing something up.

I'm rushing because The Big Guy is bringing dinner home tonight. The girls have been helping me do some cleaning and de-cluttering today so we're hungry! I have so much more to do but at least I got up earlier today and have kept busy all day...hopefully that'll help the sleep issue some. I think the Stash thing got me back on track of wanting to get rid of stuff, I've been sort of in "neutral" since last year dealing with my Mom's cancer (when I was there or here). Now it's time to move forward!

Okay, I say that today...let's hope it lasts until tomorrow....


knittinwolf said...

Glad to have you back girlie! I didn't go to my knotty knitter group yesterday...went back to bed after making phone calls to family/friends about Jim...worn out from it. Worn out feeling anyways and that don't help. Did walk on the elipt yesterday for half a mile...gonna go do it again. Slept through the night! Sound like a baby huh! Still working on my Dawn socks...almost to the heel.

Anna said...

Sounds like a crazy weekend. Hope your feeling better now.

It is absolutely freezing here in MD. The sad thing is that I grew up in New England, and now I think this is cold. I've been acclimated!!

I've been screwing up the knitting a lot myself. I made more mistakes in my friend's Jaywalkers, and it was like three steps forward, 10 steps back. Finally finished them. I'll post a pic soon!

Nat Red Knits said...

At least you got out of the house for a little while.

Looks like you're having a Jeanne moment with your knitting... LOL, I have many a day when I have repeatedly sewn something backasswards.

Hey and if you want to feel real cold...come on up here!

Anna said...

Hey there! To answer your question regarding the Thujas, I'm knitting them with Wool-Ease. They are thicker socks on U.S. 6s. My sister plans to use them as around the house socks. This is my third pair of those. (I know, I know. I need to branch out more! LOL)