Thursday, January 31, 2008

Magic Loop ~~Magic~~

I seriously think I could get used to this method (mind you I'm not to the heel yet...). But it seems to make things go so much faster which is awesome! The hardest part for me is keeping my working yarn from getting all tangled up in my needles, you have to position things to avoid that and it's easy once you get the hang of it. (Even though I still screw up).

My Knitpicks needle is pretty "twisty" too (as is evident in the picture above). I put it in some hot water to see if that would help and it did a bit. I'm hoping over time it gets more flexible. Everyone seems to rave about them, maybe I got a dud or I'm just not working things right. The picture above was taken in my car while I was waiting to pick up Miss C from school. (Doesn't everyone carry their camera with them all the time?? )

I checked this book out from my Library the other day and I really liked what I saw! I wanted to buy it IMMEDIATELY (as is my way unfortunately) but this time I did a little research first and discovered that this first edition has MANY errors.
I can't find an errata page anywhere and it seems others are just figuring things out as they go for now. I think I'll listen to their advice and wait for the next edition to be released (if ever) or hopefully they'll put an errata page out. I'm going to email them to see if they'll be doing either. From all that I've been reading it seems Vogue has a reputation of not being concerned about us poor knitters who need "correct" instructions to knit from their publications. That's really sad. I really really would buy this book in a heartbeat even with corrections somewhere on the web....

I'm going to re-cast on my Sitcom Chic sweater again. This will only be the third time. I just can't decide which size to make and Dawn helped me decide to just go with the larger size. It's better to have a comfy sweater to wrap in, than one that I can't squeeze in. If it comes out too big I'll give it away or frog it. I already am wishing I had gotten a different color of the Cotton Ease. I got Stone, which is pretty drab and boring -blah . Oh well, it's just a sweater! I may never finish it anyway!!

Dinner time calls...happy knitting.


knittinwolf said...

That sweater is really cute! I can't wait to start the loopy magic! Gotta go make the bed first though and maybe work on some olives...still haven't done any today!:) Hope you're feeling better and getting some rest today! Love ya!

Nat Red Knits said...

I had thought about geting the Options, but maybe I will wait and see how you like them first. My Addis get all twisty too and they are very flexible so maybe it doesn't matter what kind you use. I haven't tried the magic loop yet. I am stuck pretty firm on my dpn's

Anna said...

I'd really like to learn Magic Loop as well, but I do so love the DPNs. Twisty circs drive me up a wall. I have one that I like to use because the needle part is nice, but the cables just don't want to straighten no matter what. Tried the hot water and steam, but it didn't really work.

Your socks look nice so far, though!