Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I-Pod Nano Cozies

I've been checking out other blogs and got to feeling a little behind on Finished Objects. Other people are really cranking things out! I've actually knit a few things, a couple are to be gifted so I can't post about those yet, and some I just can't seem to finish! But I did finish these really fast!

My girls love to carry their Ipods with them so I just made a couple of quick cozies. Used a smidget of Worsted weight yarn (Caron Shadows & Bernat Camo).

I just winged it: Size 5 needles. C/O 16. Slip Stich chrocheted the edges together and also just did a chain for the string. I'm going to put a bead at the top also so they can secure it by pushing it thru the other side. One side I did Garter and the other Stockinette. Just for fun (and cushioning).

They love them and use them all the time. Well, the oldest, Miss J, does. My youngest (Miss C) sort of put hers somewhere and forgot where she put it. Miss J found it and gave it to me and Miss C still doesn't know it's even missing. Crazy kid.

Just started taking the Lyrica and I don't notice any difference yet. I have another Dr appt tomorrow but it's just that annual thing. It's supposed to be rainy and icky tomorrow too. Why do I always end up having to go out on those kind of days? I want to do some shopping afterwards too, I hope it isn't as bad as they say. When things get "icey" I get nervous.

Okay, off to try to knit "something" to feel like I'm accomplishing something. My stash is calling me!!


knittinwolf said...

Cute cozies! I was going to do James one for his Zune but oh no don't want that...wants the one that goes on his arm...fine, just fine!:) Didn't want to stray from my sock knitting anyways. He did ask why I haven't made him you know of any man patterns? Hope the Lyrica helps...if it does I'll send ya more!

Anna said...

Very cute! My little girl is the same way, makes a big deal out of toys, etc., and if they go missing, she doesn't even notice. (Coupled with her messiness, I like to call her a free spirit, LOL)

msrhonda66 said...

those are really cute...can you make one for my pistol? lol I thot that would get a chuckle out of you! I got a hand me down ipod from Jon-it's not any pretty color like those!

Dawn said...

Dawn-I didn't even know what a Zune was! LOL! then I saw a commercial on TV! I'm so out of the loop anymore! **blushing**

Anna-Free Spirit. You're a nice mommy! LOL!

Rhonda-You DID make me laugh! I totally was thinking how to knit one all of a sudden...I bought the covers for the girls Ipods at Circuit City. (At Wal-Mart they were cheaper but not as many colors to choose from). I knew how FAST those screens would be scratched! Chelsea's already got a big dent in the cover! Mommy's know....