Friday, January 25, 2008

Green Olives

This is kind of funny to me. Here I was, totally excited that I FINALLY found, and was able to order some Canned Pitted Green Olives from California (because they don't exist here in TN, like persimmons, and "boysenberry" pies ) & Dawn sent me this link of what she's going to be making for her husband: Knitted Olives. I know mine are the plain variety (they do sell those stuffed olives in a jar here) but it was still funny & ironic in my crazy mixed up head that we're on the same wave length so much sometimes! Look at the love:

I can eat a can all by myself in no time. I love them with sandwiches, but to really enjoy the taste I eat them alone mostly. I absolutely adore these. I hadn't had them since we moved here 7 years ago, and you just don't know how good you have it until you ain't got it no more! I ate a ton for the 4 months I was in CA last year. My brother kept asking my Mom why there were so many green olives in her pantry! It was a hoot! There's a LOT I miss about CA, my family & friends being number 1, but some awesome mexican and chinese food, and tri-tip come to mind too. (And I wonder why I weigh so much) I just love good food .

I haven't been knitting as much as I've wanted to lately. I don't have anything else to show for now. I've already said that I've been busy with de-cluttering (my bedroom needed a good dusting as well), but I've also been reading Karen Harper's Queen Elizabeth I Historical Mystery Series . I checked out the first 5 of those as well as the last installment of Sandra Gulland's Josephine Trilogy from my local library and kind of expected them to come in from holds little by little. I had 6 books to read in three weeks - totally doable, but knitting goes by the wayside at night when I have time.

I have a few more to go in the QE series to get current (I learned my lesson and am spacing them out), and both authors have others that I want to read now too. My library is going from 3 week checkouts to 2 week checkouts so I really have to try not to rush things so I can enjoy reading and have time to knit as well. One book the librarian told me about was Ken Follett's The Pillar's of The Earth, I found that one at Sam's Club (have yet to read it) and just bought it because I was 20th in line for it at the library. His follow up is "World Without End" which I'm also WAY back in line for, but I have so much more I can read in the meantime. That's why they're shortening the time, people have to wait so long. They say if a book is on "hold" you can't renew it, but I've waited for-ev-er for some knitting books. I think some people are able to get around that somehow. Or else they pay for late fees.

Okay, I'm going to go read and try to get a little knitting in (hopefully). And get WARM!! I'm sooooo cold!!! I swear it's been warmer in years when we DID get snow! Brrrrrrr


knittinwolf said...

Olive You!:) How funny is that...freaky weird!:) I've been doing a lot of reading too...Patricia Cromwell...scary, great books. Boy does a boysenberry pie sound good...your post made my mouth water.

Nat Red Knits said...

Knitted food is kinda weird and freaky. But they are cool looking.
I am a sucker for black olives myself, I like the green too, but hate pimemtos - yuk ( I spit that part out) With black olives you get to walk around eating them off your finger tips. ;)

Did I mention to you it was 8 degrees when I left for work this afternoon? We are having a heatwave right now of 21 degrees with snow :)

pssst Dawn, buy some beads

Julianne said...

OMG.....Okay we have been best buds for what like a kazillion years (27 years to be exact) and I never knew you liked boysenberry pie. THAT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE....I just made one the other night for my mom and I. It reminds me of my dad. I remember when I was little and one day he came home from work with a pie for dessert. I asked him what kind it was and he said "boysenberry". I was mortified and asked, "Daddy, why do you want to poison us" (I thought he said it was poisonberry pie...hahahaha..). Well, I don't like green olives... :-b....But I like the black ones and tritip...I am hungry now..okay, talk to ya later missy...YBF

Anna said...

Olives...yuck! But I totally understand how you can miss food from home. Here in MD, they don't know how to make a grinder (that's what subs are called in New England). Whenever we go home to visit, we have to stop at the local pizza parlor.

Also, in MD they have tons and tons of chain restaurants. I miss the little family restaurants back home.

I haven't been knitting much either, most because I need a breather after those pain in the butt Jaywalkers. I haven't been reading as much either because I've been sleeping on the train. (Surfing Ravelry and blogging past midnight when you have to get up at 4 am for work will do that to you!)

Dawn said...

Dawn- I know! Too weird huh that we were focused on Green Olives at the same time! (do you hear the twilight zone musiz too?) hahhaha

Jeanne, these are plain green ones, you should try them, they're so sweet! I can't eat the ones with stuff in them either, greek olives and others are way too strong for me too. 8 degrees, I could so NOT survive there!!!
PS uhh, what size beads do I need again??? There's a gal that I like to get beads from on Ebay....

Julie! You're so funny! Telling everyone how old we are! Ack! LOL!!!! I didn't know that was your fav!! My Mom and I used to go to Angelo's Drive In and have our cheeseburger, chef's salad and a big slice of pie! Talk about good food!!!! Lot's of times they'd have none left, other people loved it too! :P Make me a pie next time I come home K????? Please???? My mom did send me some boysenberry syrup from Fresno State's store, it's GREAT on vanilla ice-cream!! Have you tried Foster Freeze's Triple Berry Sundae? I ate about a million of those when I was in Fresno mouth is watering....

Anna-I just saw a place today in Knoxville that has "grinder" in it's store name. My husband said he had no idea what that was and I said "I DO!!!"...Love to be smarter for a sec! LOL!! Thanks for the tip! We'll have to try it out ;O)