Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catching Up

I hope everyone had a great holiday! For ours we were awake at 4 am due to the little ones having been up since 3 am (they confessed later) and had a nice Christmas Morning. We were very blessed in what we received this year and were very appreciative. I was amazed that I got a stereo for my van! That was my big surprise! We've only been talking about doing that for the past 7 (Yes, SEVEN) years! I think I was probably the only person left in the USA with a cassette player still in their vehicle! I was so surprised! Bless The Big Guy's heart, he totally got some special hugs for that one. It was just one of those things we always talked about doing but just never got around to!!
I also got $$$ (gift cards are so wonderful) but oh the decisions about WHAT to get! I've already bought some yarn online and went to a sale today that a LYS was having. I barely made it though - my stomach was acting up and I had to make one stop before we even got there (it's in another small town nearby), but NOTHING can keep me from a YARN sale I suppose.
It's funny, I didn't end up getting much after all that drama and discomfort. Just an addi turbo circ, one more DIC Classy and some Louet Gems sock yarn. I didn't make it to another LYS and it's a good thing, I just read on her blog that she was closed this weekend for inventory, I guess the sale was all this past week (Bummer!). It's all the way across town, so I'm glad I backed out. Trust me, I just wanted to get home! I think the stomach thing was due to my eating something with onions in it the night before. Oh, I LOVE them, but they don't love me back! Sometimes they really jack my tummy up! (I know that's more than you wanted to know! LOL!)
I've sort of been MIA this past week because I've been feeling icky-achey again. (Nothing new, you'll hear it all the time here. I apologize!) And the girlies are home on winter break so they've got me on my toes. They've also been hogging my computer some to download stuff onto their ipods. They sure love those things. Both the Big Guy and I want our own now too! I can see why people are so addicted to them. Again, I'm finally catching up to the rest of the world tech wise! **sigh** '
I've gotten a little knitting done, I did a couple of washcloths, one only took me three days. (Don't laugh) and I also finished this last week sometime: Here's another adventure into Hat World but The Big Guy said this is NOT masculine. After seeing him with it on (and laughing my head off) I decided he was right. It's one of those Irish Hiking patterns I found on someone's blog (it's modified from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book). I'm now working on hat #4 for my FIL with some Encore I picked up today. Since GM & GP didn't make it for Christmas day after all I gained some TIME and want to give the whole hat thing another go.
I'm also making some progress on my Girls Best Friend Socks. One is done and the top of the second one I finished up today. I like the pattern and I don't. The T1L and T1R weren't much fun. But luckily you don't have to do it very much. Hopefully I'll post a pic soon.
Okay, another night where I can't sleep so I'm off to go read everyone else's blogs!


Julianne said...

Hey you, cool stereo....No you are not the only one who had a cassette in their vehicle. I have one too, and a CD player. I want to get a new stereo as well. What I have in my car is just the stock stereo and I want an IPOD too.....I got my niece one for her bday this year and we got lil' tommy one for christmas. What kind did you get the girls? Well, I finally blogged so you have to check it out okay?
Take care, love ya lots...ybf

knittinwolf said...

Wow...I left a message here earlier this morning...weird. Love the hat! Can't wait to see the bf socks. Where did you get the pattern? What does it look like? What color did you use? What size needles? hmmm can I think of anymore questions.... Onions don't like me either...very allergic. I have lots of food allergies..onions though make me run for the throne!:) Go take a nap, stay in pjs and relax. Love ya!

Dawn said...

Hey Julie! At least you have a CD player too! Mine was just the cassette! LOL!! We, (I mean SANTA -ahem) got the girls the Ipod nano's. They're totally diggin' them! I love your blog, I know you're super busy but I love to catch up with what you have going on!! Keep posting K????

Dawn said...

Dawn, you had me laughing, yes I was running to the bathroom after that! LOL! Not fun! :P

That Girls Best Friend sock pattern is from Knitpicks. It's kind of a fold down anklet, you knit the top part, then turn the sock inside out and knit it straight st st. I used Lornas Laces's Old Rose. KP used a green colorway. How are the toe ups coming? (I'm still totally jealous!) Just knit some for me and I'll tell everyone I knit them! hahahahaha!

Julianne said...

Hey you, I need you to show me how to add stuff to my page like the friends list, etc....the pretty picture of your flowers at the top. I went to that website and found a really cool one and copied the code but it didn't help PLEASE!!!!
Hope you have a great new year....YBF

Anna said...

I still have my Geo Prism from college and it has a cassette player!

Sounds like you got a lot of nice stuff for Christmas, and I like that hat...even if it's not masculine. (I would've thought that was a masculine pattern, but I'm not a guy, so what do I know?LOL)

Have a Happy New Year!

Dawn said...

I agree Anna! I thought it would make a nice man's hat, but got that look when I mentioned it was for my FIL! LOL!!! He wasn't being mean, but it made sense when I saw him with it on! Too funny! ;O)