Monday, December 10, 2007

Wow, is it warm!

I don't know if my knitted items will come in handy for some that I'm knitting for! Yowza! We're in the low 70's today! I turned on my car's a/c when I went to the library and to pick up my daughter from school! One day the heater, the next day the a/c. Crazy weather!! Santa's gonna have some bermuda shorts on when he goes thru here! LOL!

Finished my FIL's hat and boy did it get bigger after washing! (**Just an FYI for those who ever use Cleckheaton Country 8 ply!) Prior to washing it I was worried, it just seemed that it would be too small. (Actually I had doubts the whole time about my choice of pattern and had re-started this hat too many times.) I was so crazed thinking about when I could get across town to the LYS for more of this color, but miracle of miracles, it worked out!

I started on my MIL's present this weekend and The Big Guy accidently pulled out one of the bamboo needles yesterday....putting it back was out of the question. It's dark yarn, size 1.5 needles, lacy pattern - you get the idea. So, I just started over and now I'm glad I did. Things happen for a reason and I think they would've turned out too big had that not happened (I went down a needle size). Now we're back on track and giving each other happiness. (Me & My Yarn, already forgave The Big Guy!)

Okay, back to knitting! Pictures will be posted after gifts are rec'd.


knittinwolf said...

I was just going to ask where the pics are! It was so wonderful to talk to felt like I've known you all my life! You didn't come unglued when the big guy pulled out your needle? Sure!:) I took the sock to swimming but didn't knit...started yacking to another mom!:) And I wonder why the socks aren't getting done!

Nat Red Knits said...

Look at you, rubbing it in about having to use your a/c LOL! We are looking at yet another winter storm here tonite so travel should be just. flippin' peachy tomorrow

I am hoping all that ice they are predicting will turn out to be snow instead.

Sounds like your getting a little Holiday Burn out. You need a little "me" time to refresh yourself.
Can't wait to see your FO pics.

Anna said...

Sounds like the big guy solved a case of knitter's denial. I have those a lot, but no one to make me acknowledge the problem until the last stitch is bound off.