Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolutions...

I've been trying to think about what resolutions I'd like to try to work on this next year. I've never been one to make any, (or take them seriously if I did), so I'm just going to make myself a list that I can relfect back on next year (hopefully) and see how I fared.

1) I'd like to try to exercise - do ANYthing- at least a few times a week. That's been a big issue for me with all the pain and sleep problems I've had this past year. Not that I was a big exerciser before that, but knowing I now have *something* that is actually causing my issues does make me more determined to try to fight back some. (I also hope that my Dr can pinpoint what those issues are!!!)

2) As you can see from my STASH KNIT DOWN Button on my blog, I want to finally take stock of what, and how much I have (for pete's sake!). I've been thinking of (and acting on) every excuse NOT to get down to business (because I fall in love with yarn at the drop of a hat). I just love colors. I love reading other blogs and saying "Man, that's AWESOME, I gotta get some!" It's like pirates treasure to me! Somehow I'll get it all onto Ravelry and use what I have this year instead of impulse buying (often). My goal is to not buy ANYthing, but you know how it is, maybe that exercising thing can be a goal I work towards and use yarn as a reward. I'll sort the details later. Finishing things isn't a problem for me. I usually don't have very many UFO's around. Right now there's just a couple I can think of so I'm okay in that department at least. **I will also work on new techniques (like blasted toe ups).

ETA: I WILL also keep track of what I knit this year!!! I'd like to have a nice long list of FO's on here someday!

3) Needless to say, trying to save money and pay down some bills is top on my list too. That's aways there, but being a single family income household, I really need to get control of the reins again. . That goes right along with the Stash Busting Year I'm going to have.

4) Tell my husband that I appreciate him more. He does so much. He works so hard. He's such a good father and provider. He NEVER complains when I buy yarn. Need I say more?

5) Teach my youngest how to knit, and also get the oldest back to her needles. Then they can help me use the stash and I can buy yarn again! Always gotta think ahead.

6) Try to stay ahead of all this cat hair and remember to check myself before I go out the door. Geez, I'm the crazy lady at the market with a black sweater on with white cat hair all over it! I swear I clean house often, it's just everywhere!! I had forgotten how that happens with my furry friends!

7) De-clutter and GET RID OF STUFF in every single room of this house. I literally take a van full of stuff to a local thrift shop a couple of times a year at least, but I never seem to make a dent. This year we've ALL resovled to seriously pare down the toys, books, linens (I'm a crazy pillow case collector), knick knacks and just stuff. When we do move someday we want it to be easier than it has been in the past, and a one level home is in my prayers for the future. I want to be ready.

8) I want to sleep like a normal person again. Sleep is so simple for some, I wish it was for me. Last night I stayed up all night (which really is the easy part for me) to do the "reset" thing. That's why I was up putting buttons on my blog, etc. By 9 am it was getting really HARD to stay awake! Lately that's been the time that I CAN sleep. I've been like a baby who has their days & nights mixed up. I did doze off from 12 until 2, it was unavoidable, I've never felt so dippy. I hope tonight that I CAN sleep! Figures I'd try this on NEW YEARS!! LOL!! I crack myself up! Oh well, I'm usually the one who's up past midnight and everyone else is sound asleep. Maybe this year I'll be the lucky one and be asleep.

And Now for your viewing pleasure:

This is some Woolly Boully Meanie in Neopolitan which I KNEW I HAD to have. I ordered it from The Yarn Grove - GREAT service, I was thrilled with the yarn, the fast shipping and packaging. This is so SOFT....yummmmmmmmmy

Here's some Dixie Chick Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I've gotten more from them recently but you'll see them someday on my Stash on Ravelry!! Yea Baby!!! Another example of: "I probably wouldn't have picked that out"- until I saw it on Yarn Harlot's blog knit up into some socks recently. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it. Luv it!!!

That's about all I can think of for now with no sleep and new yarn in my hands. Yes, I'm stocking up a bit BEFORE 2008! (Pretty obvious from past posts that's been my M.O!) LOL!

Here's to Happy Knitting,

Good Health, Family Ties

and Great Friends.

Happy Dreams.

Happy New Year!


knittinwolf said...

Oh my gosh I've got to get the Neop. it, love it! I dont' think I'd buy the other because of the name! I know I'm weird! Love your new years list! Ditto here! Sweet dreams Sweetie!

Julianne said...

Hey you, look what I have done....Yea!!!! Thanks for your help...
Anyways, hoping you New Year is great and that you are able to do all that is on your list. My New Years Resolution is the same as always, I Resolve to not make a New Year Resolution since I never keep it...good one huh??
Love ya lots, YBF

Nat Red Knits said...

Good luck on your resolutions my friend... stash busting is the hardest, and well de cluttering is too, and well that sleeping thing??? Yah I am right there with you.

Were you in my house when you wrote that list?...LOL