Friday, December 7, 2007

Half asleep over here....

I had forgotten to post my last present to myself . I got these a few days ago and have already started using my size 6 circular to redo my FIL's hat. I gotta say, these 16" circs have some VERY. SHARP. tips!! I sometimes use my right index finger as a stopper when I'm pushing the yarn up on the left side as I knit. I'm glad my nail is long right now, that helps to avoid the flesh! Ouch! My options haven't stabbed me this bad, these suckers are dangerous! I still love the smoothness though so I must persevere. I was using my old Susan Bates circ and the drag was driving me crazy (that's partly why I ordered these). It's funny how our tastes adjust when it comes to needles. It's always fun to try new ones though and I'm sure I'll figure something out to avoid the pain.

I've been really tired this week but I did get things done as far as getting cards sent out, packages mailed to family, and bills paid. I just feel like I'm sleepy no matter how much rest I'm able to get. I'm still not sure if this is from Fibromyalgia, but when I hurt (as my legs and arms have been lately) it's just not easy to feel good at all.

I got two magazines in the mail last week sometime and have yet to turn one cover. This is totally out of the norm for me, I can devour a knitting magazine in no time once I pull it out of that mailbox! I think it's partly that I'm feeling bad, partly that I'm a bit stressed due to the holidays, and partly that I'm just getting tired of knitting lately! Wait!! Did I say that??? Well, I think it's just the pain thing that's making it tough. I WANT to do more, but my body says "owww, do we gotta?" instead.

I always love to read, but I've really been a reading machine these past few weeks, it's just been a sanity saver for me since the knitting sometimes hurts (although I just figured out right this second that that could be WHY I'm hurting since it's hard to put a good book down and I sometimes don't get enough sleep). Still, being able to get lost in a good book is amazing. I just finished one on Edward II and Queen Isabella, (can't remember the name right now) and also one on the Plague of London. I have another Queen Elizabeth I mystery that I'm ready to start tonight.

Reading Goal: I better start trying to pace myself and know when it's quitting time, I'm my own worst enemy.

Knitting Goal: I'm hoping to finish my FIL's hat, AND work on something for my MIL before the holidays are here! I'm almost sure I can maybe somehow unbelieveably pull this off. Oh and I still owe my Big Brother a scarf from last year (which Totally rang a bell once my Mom reminded me of it just the other night)...I don't think that one's gonna happen until after Christmas but i have ideas which is a great start.

Here's to some marathon knitting! (I can always hope!!)


knittinwolf said...

Hiya Sweetie! What awesome needles...hope Santa Mommy pays attention to the list I gave her!:) I stab myself too with needles and the tip of my pointer finger gets sore. You've gotta get some rest...although I love to read too and its so hard to find the time to do it. Sometimes I even lock myself in the bathroom to get 10 minutes in! Not a very comfy reading room though!:)

Anna said...

I've given up marathon knitting, well, at least until Christmas Eve. ;)

I love needles with sharp tips, until the inevitable sore finger.

Hope you feel better!

Nat Red Knits said...

Sucks when those new toys bite back doesn't it!