Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dark, Cold, Windy, Rainy..No sleep here.

Yep, I'm unable to sleep so here I am blogging this late at night. I already flickr'd and ravelried so I might as well let everyone know we're having some crazy weather tonight. We really need the rain, it's the wind I'd be happy without. It sounds like the top floor of my house is going to blow right off! I just went downstairs and brought our dog into the garage to sleep, the poor baby was all wet (she's happier outside, even when it's storming) but I want her to get some rest!

Finally I can post pictures of some of the knitted items I finished for Christmas presents. There's two pairs of socks for my Best Friend Julie in CA. I sure hope they fit, I tend to knit socks on the small size. LET ME KNOW JULIE!!

Below are Lesley's Socks, really the first lace sock pattern that I've done. I loved working them up, they were a fast and fun knit. I shortened the leg part because I like my socks to just go to the ankle or so. Any longer and I can't wear them so I only make them that one way! LOL! These are made out of Lorna's Laces Red Rover (which really isn't RED, more like "hot pink red". ) I should've gotten Poppy or Tulip....

Next are just basic St st socks done in Austermann Step yarn. I liked the colors for her since her favorite color is Red, and she's a February B/D gal so the purple and pink totally fit in there. I really messed up on the toe's though (can you see?). I didn't even notice that one had more Red on top than the other until I had already fastened off. Boy do I suck sometimes. **That's why I made her the Lesley's too, they were my "see, I'm not a total dork" socks! She's a rock-n-roller though, I think she'll wear them even with the toes not matching up "exactly"! That's why I sent them to her anyway!

Below are some more Lesley's that I just finished up this weekend for my MIL for Christmas. I hope she doesn't read my blog and see them ahead of time!! She has small feet, so I hope I did okay. I love the lacy part of these, it just makes me happy happy. To be honest, some of the patterned socks that I see out there are just so funky. They remind me of elephant legs or something, just not very attractive! Like some skin disease! ewwww. These are just right. Elegant and stylish.

These are done in Dream in Color's Smooshy. I had blue dye on my fingers as I knit these, so I hope they don't lose too much color after washing. I didn't have any trouble at all with the Classy (worsted weight) so I hope these stay like they are, they're just the most gorgeous color.

More knitting is under way. I did a lot this weekend even with a migraine and other health issues. I was already cutting it close and then I added a scarf for my brother to the list.

I think I'm nuts.


knittinwolf said...

Dang girl, you've been busy! I love the lace girl friend socks (have to get that patt. from you and the lace blue ones). Are the stripes called Leslie? How in the world have you gotten so many done? I'm still on these dang toe ups! Cookie baking today...miss you!:)

Dawn said...

Hi Dawn! No the striped ones were plain ol basic socks. The Red & Blue ones are the Lesley's. It's a great pattern! The link on there should work but I'll email you the pattern link too K?

Cookies!? Yum. I was trying to eat a piece of chocolate cake and my crown popped off again...guess I gotta go to the dentist soon after all..yuk!

Anna said...

Beautiful socks. I don't like socks too far above my ankles either (though standing at the train station this morning in the freezing wind made me think legwarmers under my pants would be a good thing!).

I wouldn't worry about the toes on the striped socks. I don't even pay attention whether the striped socks I knit even match!

Nat Red Knits said...

Those socks are too cute! Thanks for the link. I can't get over how much you have knit this season. And you complained about needing inspiration to finish pojects... I think you have found that 10 fold.