Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Special People, Special Things!

Don't cha wish you could have one of these???? They're simply HEAVENLY! My New Great Awesome Knitting Buddy Dawn sent me a treasure that I can't get where I live now but grew up with in CA. These persimmon cookies are special for me around the holidays because not only do they taste (and smell) absolutely wonderful, they bring back lots of loving memories of my Grandparents . Dawn sent me luv in a container!

I bow to your greatness you Betty Crocker you!!! I'm eating one right now.....

Dawn and I have a lot of fun comparing ourselves. I'm scared to tell her but I totally got the better end of the bargain because she CAN COOK!!! Ya Baby!!!!

As it happens I got my crown cemented back on at the Dentist today so I'm trying to take it easy on that side of my mouth for a few hours...these are PERFECT for that! Yummmmmmmm Dawn saved my life today. I would've starved if it wasn't for her!!!

I also got some goodies from her that I have to hide from Little Miss C. (My youngest) She's *almost* a bigger choc-o-holic than I am and these would be gone like yesterday if she saw them. Gotta pace things, that's how we have to do it around here.

See my new yarn? I can't wait to knit it up. Dawn said it looks like all the different colors of M & M's! (No doubt Lil Miss C will want these socks too!!!) Well, I'm the BaD KnittinG Buddy because I have a box for her but am VERY late in getting it out (as in it's still here). I told the Big Buy that I just KNEW she'd send something and I had to get on it. Last week was tough with the headaches (Ick I still have one, think it's the whole dentist thing today). My Big Brother's stuff is still here too. Who the heck pushed Christmas up so far???? I totally am running out of time! Ba Humbug!

I gotta go eat another cookie so I won't pass out before dinner time.



knittinwolf said...

See I told you there was nothing to worry about...just cement and whalla you were done!

Yes, you did jinx me and thats exactly what I said to James...Dawn said this was going to be a problem...I'm very good at unbinding and back knitting now! I wonder if they'll ever be finished!

I'm so glad you like your things. I'm just so glad we met and truly just love ya to pieces! I feel very close to you and feel like we've been friends forever! Love and hugs sent your way!

Dawn said...

Ack! I'm so sorry!! I read your post today and I felt so guilty!! I'm a knitting jinx! :P

I feel the same way! We're so gushy! LOL!!

Anna said...

What a nice gift. It made me hungry!!!

And that sock yarn....gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it knits up.