Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Yea!! We finally got the tree up in the front room, and the lights done outside as well. It's taken a bit for us to get moving but we're getting there. Hubby had to buy new lights for the tree though because we lost the ones we've used for years! Total Bummer, but I like the new Micro ones as it turns out, so change can be good I suppose. We keep it pretty simple, here's a view of the front, you can't see it in the picture but they're around by the garage too. Hubby didn't do the bay window this year, maybe I can get him to do it next year! LOL!

We're using our smaller tree this year since this is our kitties first Christmas . As curious as they are, I just have a feeling the tree may be in peril at some point. I'm going to keep the ornaments down to a minimum also...just to be on the safe side if it goes TimmmBurrrr. I know who'll be picking things up if that happens . Misc Info: We had to quit using real trees years ago when my girls had infant asthma, we've gotten used to it and are happy to just put it away each year.

On the knitting front it seems I'll have to restart my FIL's hat. I totally messed up the top by just not paying attention (and being way too tired to be knitting anyway). How hard it is it to mess up a hat??? Believe me, it can be done. That "knitting gut feeling" we all have, it's there for a reason and it helps to listen to it . I can just be a little hard headed when I'm tired.

I'm done with the fancy part of one of my Girls Best Friend Anklets. Slowly but surely some knitting is getting done. I restarted my SitCom Sweater in the Medium size as well. Although, I just washed and measured my swatch (I ACTUALLY did one this time! That's gotta be worth some points Santa! ) and I think I may go up to a large after all. I'm so wishy washy!! I like positive ease in things or I won't wear them. I hate to feel strangled or to show my "gotta lose it someday" weight.

I received one of my Christmas presents to myself the other day. Really, when you have a husband who tries really hard, but you've been together long enough to know he HATES to shop and doesn't always pick up on the seventeen hints you gave, it's just easier all the way around if I say "Hey! Look what you got me!!! I LOVE It!!" It gives him happiness and me too. We both win!
I'm a big Quincy Fan, I wish they'd put out more episodes but it seems that may not happen. I haven't gotten to explore the books yet, I think I'm waiting until after Christmas so I won't feel guilty! LOL!

I'm reading The Knitting Circle right now. I know it's been out awhile but I happened upon it at the library on Saturday and thought what the heck. I'm into historical reads, fictional or not, so this really isn't my norm. I like the book so far but don't much care for some of the language used in it, gosh you got a good storyline going here, why throw that in? But I have to remember (or just guess) people really do talk like that in normal conversation even though I don't (I'll excuse Gordon Ramsay just because he makes me smile for some reason, that accent I suppose!). Believe me, I'm no saint, mainly when I'm driving I say a few baddies but some words I just don't see coming out of a ladies mouth. Anyway, I just wish people could know they had a good thing without it.

I recently got a message thru Ravelry from a gal that works at Schaefer yarns about my "Itchy Anne Socks". She sent me a sample of their new Heather yarn to work up since I wasn't thrilled with Anne (Me + Mohair = ITCH. ) That was really nice as she also sent a pattern as well. Kudos for customer service! But, I don't think I'm going to buy any anytime soon as it's around $28.00 a pop, (that's a bit more than I usually spend for sock yarn). I also wonder how this one holds up with the color bleeding since I know that's a major issue with the Anne Colorways. I'd have to research it more before taking that plunge. We shall see! If anyone's tried it let me know K?

Now I'm off to finish this book and maybe work on those socks....Can you believe ONLY 23 DAYS until Christmas?? Where did the time go????


knittinwolf said...

Yeah a new post! Gotta give you a hard time! Love the outside pic...I should copy you and do that too!:) Sorry about your FIL hat...I hate to do that...most of the time I'm knitting when I'm too tired to knit in the first place and have to end up froggin it. Just totally lost what I was going to tell you...oh good girl with the swatching...I never do that, shame, shame, shame! Missed hearing from you this weekend! Hugs!

Anna said...

Beautiful Christmas lights. I love driving around and seeing what people put up outside.

We pulled out all of our decorations the day after Thanksgiving, our family tradition. We each purchased a new ornament (another annual tradition), went home. Went back to the store the next day to get some garland, went home to finally put up the tree, only to have to run back out because where the heck did we put the lights??? Nothing out of the ordinary in my household!

And there's nothing wrong with buying your own presents! At least you get what you want!