Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Knitted Christmas Items

I finished the Scarf Style "Campus Scarf" for my brother. I'm only a year late! It's ok. He's always late for things too, he'll understand! We've had a tough year thru and thru.

I used Simply Soft Heather by Caron in Denim. Okay, it's not wool, but my brother leads a super busy life right now - there's no time (zip, zero, zilch) to "hand wash" something, block it, etc. I think if I ever make this again I'd try a superwash wool though. I like the softness of this, but wish it would lay flatter. I almost want to keep it....

The last scarf I made was the Sage Vintage Velvet for my Mom back in August or September. I had forgotten how they can seem to go on (and on and on and on). I still like making scarves, I just wish I could knit a whole lot faster. That would help so MUCH!

Below is a hat I made for my FIL for Christmas. It's made out of some stash yarn (FINALLY!). I had some Bernat Denimstyle Grey and finally decided to work it up. I just used the pattern that Bernat has for this yarn on it's site. It's knit flat & seamed - but it isn't a particularly "pretty" seam. I just suck at seaming, no matter how hard I try. (You'll notice I don't show the seamed side! LOL!)

Next is the hat I made out of Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply.
I thought at first this would be too small for my FIL, I totally kept messing up left and right, thought I should've made the ribbing longer, should've done this or that, blah blah. So after I washed it I figured I'd just let it dry flat. Unbelieveably, it "mushroomed" out like nothing I've seen before!! Now it looked too BIG!!! I washed it again (twice) and put it in the dryer and wonder of wonders it seems almost normal again.

I won't ever use this again though. Price wise it's on the cheap side (I only got it for the color= Indiana for my FIL). It's nice to knit up, but it's way too fuzzy for my liking. It already looks years old and used and it hasn't even been worn yet. Not sure I'll be giving it after all. Maybe The Big Guy can use it when he's out in the yard raking leaves. I might have to head to Target tomorrow to find another one for him or maybe I'll give him and IOU for another one soon! Yea, that sounds good...

I let the girls open one present tonight. I know, what a big pushover. What can I say? They wore me down. My brother and I ALWAYS bugged my Mom for as long as I can remember. I give so much credit to my Mom. She did so much as a single parent that I just can't imagine not having some help with from The Big Guy. My Mom did it all. With two kids searching the house, she had a handful. She's my hero!!

Okay, off to work on my Girls Best Friend sock, yes, just one. They got pushed to the end of the list as the rest of the holiday knitting was getting done. It's never taken me so long to finish just one sock!

I wonder if I have enough of that Simply Soft for another hat........


knittinwolf said...

alBeautiful scarf and hats. I've got to find me some of those heads! Wow, Jimmy doesn't even ask to open one? Weird kid...I'm the one over by the tree looking not shaking :) the presents. One did say best teacher and I told them I should open that one now since its break....started another toe up sock last night with my Charlie Brown yarn. Really like how they fit even though they were a pain...but now I now where the problem is...yeah! Are you still painted blue? hahaha laughed so hard I had to tell James! Oh and he tried to go to the well house yesterday...I could have strangled him! Always ruins surprises although he don't know what it is but still...ugh men!

Dawn said...

Jimmy doesn't want to open his presents????? I can't believe it! I'm a terrible surprise kind of person: secrets, presents, you name it I WANT IT! LOL!

Tell me again which way you're starting the toe on your toe ups?

Nat Red Knits said...

Dawn- Everything turned out just beautiful!!! I suck at seaming too, so I knit in the round whenever possible. I am forever changing a pattern to suit my peculiar needs.LOL

You have been so industrious in your Christmas knits that you put me to shame. I am ready for a challenge now that I have been knocking out those simple knits for what seems like ever.

As soon as the recipient of the felt bag has her gift I will post the completed pictures. I think it turned out great.

Anna said...

Nice knits! I like Simply Soft for things that must be machine washable.

I didn't get all of my Christmas gifts finished on time, but they all knew they were going to be late and were fine with it. There's only a few things to finish up, so it won't take me that long!